Alya Nazir makes shocking decision in Coronation Street

Alya Nazir has recently demonstrated how willing she is to risk her life in order to save Weatherfield locals.

Next week on Coronation Street, the Speed Daal co-owner, played by Sair Khan, makes a startling choice.

Alya Nazir stabbed herself in the stomach after removing a device that Griff Reynols had buried in the pavement after realizing Maria Connor was in danger.

Alya is still dealing with trauma from the assault that Blake committed in an effort to perpetuate the awful legacy of Griff Reynolds after a challenging recovery.

She meets Jayden, a client of Barlow Legal Services who has been charged with stabbing someone, in a scenario that will run on ITV the following week.

Alya loses control of her emotions and tells Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) in an irate manner what it feels like to be stabbed before they can intervene.

As she continues, her ex-boyfriend Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) listens and advises her to write everything down in her victim statement.

Afterwards, Ryan pulls Alya into a hug at Number 6, which quickly develops into an enthusiastic kiss.

Alya had a voice in the knifeman’s trial because she was the principal victim; as was already revealed, she was stabbed by a young man named Blake while attempting to save Maria Connor’s life.

Will she heed Ryan’s suggestions? This is still up in the air.

But before she can, Alya takes an unexpected choice that implicates Max Turner, who is charged with inciting terrorism and murder after being a member of Griff Reynolds’ far-right organization.

Alya has had difficulty dealing with the rebellious kid, but when Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) notices the boy is struggling at the STC, he asks her if she’s thinking about going to see Max.

Max has largely been a victim of grooming as part of a hard-hitting plot on radicalization, even though he faces justice for using his video editing abilities to assist Griff.

Immediately following Max’s attack by other convicts, Alya is prompted by this to go see him at the STC.

As soon as he comes face to face with her, Max tells Alya how his life was a shambles and Griff came into his life at a really trying time.

What will Alya do?

In later sequences, Alya reads her prepared victim statement aloud to her grandma Yasmeen (Shelley King), who is listening, for Blake’s upcoming sentence trial.

Then David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) approaches her and expresses appreciation for stopping over to see Max.

How will Blake be punished for stabbing Alya?

Will she ever forget Max’s relationship with Griff?

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