All the secret Emmerdale clues that pointed to Caleb and Nicky’s real identities

Emmerdale fans may have noticed these clues pointing to Caleb and Nickty’s true identities.

The truth behind new characters Caleb Miligan and Nicky was finally revealed last week, shocking Emmerdale fans.

It has been established that the new nanny Nicky (Lewis Cope) is the daughter of Caleb (Will Ash), and the cunning duo is attempting to take over Home Farm.

The drama went on to reveal As a member of the Tate family and the secret son of Frank, Kim Tate’s first husband, Caleb shares their desire for vengeance.

However, it turned out that there were numerous hints along the route that pointed to their true identities.

Actor Lewis Cope’s interview

Following Lewis Cope’s casting as Nicky in December of last year, Gabby was encouraged to develop feelings for the new nanny at Home Farm.

At the time, Nicky was quoted as saying to Digital Spy, “Nicky is right now a beautiful person and there’s nothing to say that he’s not.

But you’ll have to wait and see; he almost seems too good to be true.

Caleb and Nicky’s arrival

After the two arrived in the Dales just a few days apart, Emmerdale viewers were convinced they were connected.

Will and Lewis, who play them, both participated in press appearances for Emmerdale at the same time.

Closing titles

Nicky was only given the name “Nicky” when he first came in December; his last name was not mentioned.

This made many viewers speculate that Nicky might have a family tie that ITV executives were trying to conceal.

Nicky’s family hint

When Nicky was recently questioned by Laurel and Bernice about his history, he stated that his mother had died when he was just 15 years old.

But yesterday, Nicky appeared to trip up and say, “My mum is beautiful,” before adding, “Was beautiful…”

Then it was revealed that Nicky was lying and that his mother was still alive.

Mysterious phone calls

Fans of Emmerdale may have seen Caleb on the phone updating a mysterious contact on his whereabouts.

It has since come to light that Caleb called Nicky because they couldn’t take the chance of being seen together.

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