All the ITV Emmerdale stars who are rumoured to be leaving soap this year

ITV Emmerdale has been a well-liked soap since it debuted in 1972.

It will mark its 50th anniversary this year in October with a number of dramatic plotlines.

The Dales is keeping its October plans under wraps, but some characters might be in jeopardy.

The soap opera currently has some intense plotlines that may culminate later this year.

This features Chas’ affair with Al Chapman, Faith’s cancer diagnosis, Rhona and Marlon’s marriage, and Leyla’s drug addiction.

The Dales seems to be setting the stage for its major plotlines.

Fans of Emmerdale may be bidding farewell to some of their favorite characters in the midst of all the drama.

Each celebrity rumored to be departing the soap opera this year is listed below:

Sally Dexter – Faith Dingle

After learning that her cherished character, Faith, has terminal cancer, her future is set.

This week, Faith learned that her cancer had progressed and that the therapy had failed after undergoing it in an effort to buy her more time.

On Thursday, viewers of the soap opera watched Cain finally try to help his dying mother, and the episode ended with the two of them sharing a dawn.

The 50th anniversary, which is just a few months away, might include a broadcast about Faith’s passing.

Sally said in a statement to TV Times, “I believe [the leave plot] is wonderful.

Although I haven’t seen the scripts for her passing, I’m hoping for the best outcome possible. This is a larger family story rather than just a cancer story.

“The wonderful aspect of death is the event that comes before it, namely life and all the love that surrounds it. To celebrate her, I’d adore it if everyone watching had a miniature bottle of gin.”

Nicola Wheeler – Nicola King

Nicola is now going through a difficult time in Emmerdale. She was attacked and robbed by a girl gang, and in a nasty twist, the brutal attack was recorded and shared online, leaving her traumatized.

Nicola, who has been concealing herself away out of fear of the gang returning, has been suffering panic attacks every time she exits the house.

Even keeping son Carl home from school was a last resort for her to avoid having to go outside.

Could Nicola leave for Australia to assist her in recovering from the incident since her mental health is failing?

Since leaving the village in 2009, Nicola’s half-brother Paul has resided in Australia, so it is the ideal time for her to take a break.

Nicola Wheeler, an actress, recently suggested during an ITV This Morning interview that she would leave the show.

Inquiring about the proposed soap operas, host Phillip Schofield made it seem as though he knew more than Nicola was letting on.

Dean Andrews – Will Taylor

Following a challenging few weeks in their relationship, Will is now joyfully engaged to Lady of the Manor Kim Tate.

Will had been looking for Jamie, Kim’s son, who had faked his own death and was mistakenly believed dead by the townspeople.

When Kim learned of his secret, their relationship almost ended permanently. Following their reunion, the couple started preparing for their forthcoming nuptials.

Actor Dean hinted earlier this year that he would depart the serial due to the rumored comeback of the BBC programs Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the show followed DIC Gene Hunt and his squad of policemen.

John uttered: “There have been rumors that it will return. The creators have a fantastic idea, according to Phil and me who chatted with them.”

When asked if he would like to see the cast of the show come back again, John responded, “It would be amazing.”

Michael Wildman – Al Chapman

Al has experienced a good number of plotlines in recent months. He caused the explosion at the Woolpack Pub on Christmas Day last year; the rest of the hamlet is still in the dark about this.

He and Cain Dingle had a long-running dispute that ended when Al rescued Cain’s life.

This week, after sharing a bed for the first time with Cain’s sister Chas Dingle, Al started a serious relationship with her.

In soap operas, secrets and affairs never truly die, and Al’s relationship with Chas could renew his conflict with Cain and put him in jeopardy.

Ellis, Al’s son, has relocated to Australia, thus Al might leave right now to go see him.

Michael is now recording voice work for a Lord of the Rings animated movie, according to IMDB.

Michael would have the ideal chance to take a break from the Dales and concentrate on his other acting projects during this time.

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