All the Emmerdale, EastEnders and Coronation Street relationships you forgot happened

From Emmerdale’s Chas and Dan, to EastEnders’ Sharon and Jack – here’s all the soap couples you forgot were together.

We adore television romances, and it’s safe to say that a few pairings will be remembered in soap opera history.

Consider people like Jack and Vera Duckworth, Den and Angie Watts, Stacey Slater and Bradley Branning, etc.

But there are a few relationships that, to be completely honest, we completely forgot about and that we didn’t exactly see coming.

Let’s review the soap opera romances we completely overlooked.

Emmerdale – Chas Dingle and Dan Spencer

In 2011, Chas Dingle and Dan Spencer had a brief courtship that culminated in an engagement after only a few days of dating.

Their wedding day was in October 2012, but things went south when Dan realized Chas had vanished the night of their nuptials.

It turned out that Chas believed Carl King had died accidentally, but Cameron Murray’s guilt as the murderer was later established.

As he later discovered, his wife had been having an affair with Cameron, Dan and Chas’ union did not last long.

After their marriage was declared null and void in June 2013, Cameron passed away.

EastEnders – Denise Fox and Ian Beale

Fans of EastEnders may recall the improbable relationship between Denise Fox and Ian Beale.

When they were trapped in a storage cabinet, the two became closer and ended up kissing.

After that, they started dating secretly until Lucy found out the truth, at which point Denise decided to move in with the family.

Sadly, their relationship began to deteriorate when Ian’s ex-girlfriend Jane came back and Denise ended up kissing Fat Boy.

After learning that Ian had slept with Rainie the night of his daughter’s death, she and Ian permanently parted ways.

Coronation Street – Fiz Brown and Kirk Sutherland

Fiz Brown actually had a very serious relationship with Kirk Sutherland, despite the fact that most of us may associate her with Tyrone Dobbs.

After she cheated on Kirk with Tyrone, they broke up.

Kirk even got down on one knee and proposed to Fiz, but she broke things off.

Emmerdale – Laurel Thomas and Bob Hope

We had no idea that Laurel Thomas and Bob Hope were having an affair.

Brenda found out while Bob was still with Brenda, and they broke up.

Only a few weeks later, Bob and Laurel broke up after having a very heated argument in the Rovers Return.

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