All Emmerdale fans’ are saying same Thing over ‘nasty’ Naomi and brutal Nicola attack

The possibility that Naomi, Charles’ daughter, might have been one of the girls who attacked Nicola has left Emmerdale viewers wondering. The fan hypothesis comes after tonight’s program, in which the newbie exhibited a cruel streak.

Naomi made it abundantly apparent that she is not interested in a relationship with Charles after running into him. She wants nothing to do with him. Manpreet, however, felt obligated to step in and attempt to persuade Naomi otherwise by accompanying her to a nearby bus stop.

Manpreet was questioned by Naomi after she said that Charles is a decent man and asked if he had asked her to say that.

But when Naomi suggested that Manpreet might be similar to her violent sister, Meena, and added that she “doesn’t take kindly” to others meddling in her life, things rapidly got heated.

The violent attack on Nicola King has many fans questioning whether Naomi is actually the one with violent inclinations after her behavior in tonight’s show “reinforced suspicions” that she was behind it. “That Naomi seems to be a nasty piece of work,” commented @Asendance2.

I don’t like Naomi @emmerdale because I think she’s trouble, according to @1madwoman1962. “That confrontation there absolutely reaffirmed my suspicions that Naomi was responsible for Nicola’s attack,” said @rileyco10852974.

Oh Naomi looks to be possibly harmful, said @Dmillar48204176. Makes you wonder if Naomi was one of the girls who attacked Nicola, as @kellymew_ commented.

Likewise, @soniast94597425 stated: “that Naomi has a terrible personality. She is mistaken in believing that she is the center of the universe. Why does she bother to visit the community where her father resides when she doesn’t expect to run into him? I really hope she was engaged in Nicolas’ attack “.

Nicola was brutally attacked by a bunch of girls back in June. Nicola was brutally assaulted during the incident, leaving both mental and physical wounds. She also battled PTSD and agoraphobia as a result.

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