Alina reveals she’s pregnant with Tyrone’s child in Coronation Street.

Alina reveals she’s pregnant

Tyrone Dobbs’ luxury coffee machine and cups are poised to be replaced with feeding bottles and diapers as girlfriend Alina Pop announces her pregnancy on next week’s Corrie.

The couple has only been dating since March, when he left his ITV soap partner Fiz Stape for the younger woman.

However, the flat they share with Emma Brooker is about to become much more cramped, as it has been revealed that Alina is expecting Tyrone’s child.

In an ironic twist of destiny, the beautician informs him that she is pregnant just as he is preparing to bury his ex-girlfriend Kirsty Soames after learning of her death.

Tyrone and Fiz are currently fighting for custody of Ruby, Tyrone’s daughter with Kirsty, and Hope, Fiz’s daughter with her late husband John Stape.

Tyrone is pleased because Fiz assists him in planning Kirsty’s funeral and in informing Ruby that her birth mother has passed away.

Meanwhile, Alina is taken aback when she learns of Tyrone’s past with Kirsty in the workplace.

Coronation Street: Alina reveals she’s pregnant

When Alina confronts Tyrone, she expresses her disappointment that she had to learn about Kirsty’s mistreatment from Sally Metcalfe because he kept her in the dark.

Tyrone is taken aback when Alina, who is crying, announces that she is pregnant.

Tyrone rushes off to his appointment at the undertakers, leaving Alina in tears.He is having trouble concentrating on the funeral arrangements, but Fiz assures him that he is a wonderful father and that she is happy to arrange joint custody. Meanwhile, his gran Evelyn discovers she’s pregnant while hitting on Alina’s nausea.

Alina is unable to attend Kirsty’s funeral due to morning sickness.

Fiz insists on accompanying him despite the fact that he is traveling alone.

Tyrone and Fiz fell in love as she was supporting him through his battle with domestic abuse.

Kirsty was abusive to him, but she claimed Tyrone was the abuser.

Kirsty, who gave birth to Ruby in 2012, ultimately admitted in court that she, not Tyrone, was the monster.

Tyrone was let go from the courtroom, and Ruby was given back to him.

While Kirsty was being brought to prison in 2013, she witnessed Tyrone and Fiz walking away with her baby to begin a new life together.

Tyrone’s head had been turned by lodger Alina earlier this year, and he was reeling when she confessed that she had feelings for him.

Fiz was heartbroken after proposing to her boyfriend and preparing a beautiful wedding in Greece, only to be turned down.

She then revealed the awful truth: he had fallen in love with Alina.

Coronation Street: Alina reveals she’s pregnant

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Alina reveals she's pregnant with Tyrone's child in Coronation Street. – Minmaxfeeds


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