Alan Halsall’s weight loss transformation – Corrie co-star workouts to gym secrets

Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone Dobbs on Coronation Street, has been inspiring fans with his remarkable weight reduction journey over the past four years.

Following his 2013 breakup with Hollyoaks actress and former Coronation Street co-star Lucy-Jo Hudson, Alan reportedly started working out.

Since then, the celebrity has been sharing photos of his weight reduction progress on social media. Although Alan has never said how much weight he has dropped overall, it is obvious that he has changed.

Here, Daily Star delves deeper into Alan Halsall’s weight loss metamorphosis and the tricks that made it possible.

Gym secrets

Unsurprisingly, the gym is one of the secrets behind Alan Halsall’s spectacular weight loss transformation.

The actor started lifting weights to trim down his body and tone it, posting glimpses of his workouts on Instagram.

His amazing routine also included 2.5 kilometers of running, 2.5 miles of cycling, 2.5 kilometers of rowing, and 2.5 kilometers on the cross trainer.

He also admitted that he worked out with a personal trainer four or five times each week to develop the remarkable physique he flaunted in photos from his Ibiza vacation.

Alan stated to The Sun: “My personal trainer has been with me for around four to five months. I have been going to the gym for a while.”

He also hikes, plays badminton, cycles, and, most recently, put a treadmill into his home in his leisure time to stay in shape.

“5K a day,” he said in the image’s caption, adding that he would now have “no excuses” not to exercise.


Alan frequently discusses what to eat before and after exercising, telling The Sun: “I like to visit (to the gym). I eat before working out, exercise, and then either have a post-workout meal or go swimming and steaming.”

The celebrity posts frequent social media pictures of himself enjoying a beer or a glass of wine while still eating a balanced diet.

On Instagram, he also posts pictures of himself eating out with his friends and family, notably at Manchester’s San Carlos, an Italian restaurant.

Working out with Corrie stars

Many of Alan Halsall’s fellow Coronation Street co-stars have joined him in recent years in their weight loss transformations, so he is not alone in this.

In the last ten years, celebrities like Colson Smith and Jennie McAlpine have all lost weight, and some have even joined Alan for his gym workouts.

Colson Smith, who had undergone a remarkable bodily transformation of his own, was featured in the photo, and Alan wrote in the caption, “Trying to work out while laughing at @colsonjsmith having fun and working hard.

“Health is more than just how much weight you lift or what you consume. Additionally, it concerns your thoughts and words!”

He revealed to OK! Magazine that he joined girlfriend Tisha Merry, who portrayed waitress Steph Britton, in her hot yoga courses. His workouts with female co-stars have also sparked a romance.

Tisha was described as attending the same studio, so Alan reasoned that the two of us might go together. “I’d really gotten into hot yoga,” he remarked.

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