Alan Halsall weight loss: One of soap star’s preferred methods to burn calories fast

Alan Halsall, a Coronation Street actor, shocked fans by posting a topless holiday shot a few years ago, sparking speculation about how he changed his figure. Although his weight loss has been gradual, the consequences are now clearly visible.

So how did he accomplish it?

On his social media accounts, Alan frequently posts pictures of himself working out and comments that the exercises have helped him tone up and lose some weight.

During his marriage to his former co-star and then-wife Lucy-Jo Hudson, it became clear that the Tyrone Dobbs actor was starting to come into his own.

Now, he’s disclosed that he works out with his current partner and former Corrie co-star Tisha Merry, who spent three years portraying waitress Steph Britton on the soap opera.

2013 saw them first meet on the ITV soap opera set.

I’d really gotten into hot yoga, and someone had indicated that Tisha went to the same studio, so I thought we might go together, Alan previously told OK!

Hot yoga has gained popularity over the years and is claimed to help encourage weight loss more quickly than if practiced in a typical setting.

The Hot Yoga Spot website claims that people’s heart rates rise as a result of the higher temperature.

This results in an increase in the number of calories burned throughout the activity, helping to hasten the process of weight loss over time.

According to Jody Kurilla, director of yoga in Oregon, “the session is too strenuous if you’re sweating a lot.

“You should take a break if your breathing or heart rate begins to become labored, even if you are only mildly perspiring.”

According to a 2014 study led by Colorado State University’s Brian Tracy, men typically burn 460 calories but women only burn 330 calories during a hot yoga class.

While on vacation in Ibiza in 2018, his followers were intrigued by his remarkable abs and asked him for his weight loss “secrets.”

He worked out with a personal trainer and frequently posted pictures of his hikes and gym sessions.

When discussing his exercise routine, Alan said: “My personal trainer has been with me for around four to five months. I have been going to the gym for a while.

“People have noticed that I have changed a little bit.

“I enjoy to visit (to the gym). I eat before working out, work out, and then either have a post-workout meal or go swimming and steaming “He spoke to The Sun.

Finding a balance between nutrition and exercise is crucial for weight loss since they complement one another.

It is advised to choose intelligently based on one’s own future goals since certain activities burn more calories than others.

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