Agadoo singer is joining Coronation Street and has ‘dream’ to run the Rovers

mediaIn 2017, Vikki Reynolds joined Agadoo singers Black Lace and went on tour with the group, performing the band’s hit song at numerous venues.

The performer, who throughout her career also appeared on stage as a Kylie Minogue tribute act, has begun to focus on activities other than singing, such as traveling and dabbling in acting.

As a travel organizer for WeRoad, Vikki has been traveling the globe to satisfy her need for adventure. However, she is taking a break from her travels to visit Coronation Street for a short period of time.

Vikki announced exclusively to the media that she will be interviewing some of the residents while portraying a municipal official in the soap opera.

I won’t divulge too much about my recent Coronation Street filming, but I will be interviewing several of the well-known characters.

“I’ve always like the show Corrie, but I’m still waiting for the major role. Additionally, members of the cast and crew live next door to me, so it’s really convenient for me and is directly across the street from where I live.

Vikki added, “I think Snoop and I would be the next dream team to run the Rovers: The 2023 version of Alec Gilroy and Bet Lynch!” to the rumors that Snoop Dogg wanted a job on Corrie as well.

Some Cobbles fans may recognize Vikki from her live performances with Agadoo; in fact, Vikki claimed that fans still approach her and sing the songs to her.

Fortunately, Vikki enjoys participating in it, saying: “I can never say no to a singsong, particularly if it’s part of my repertoire!”

She is primarily known for singing, but if acting allowed her to continue traveling, she’d be happy to switch careers permanently.

Vikki continued, “I would never say no to a spot on Big Brother or Corrie, it would run along nicely with my travel coordinator job as WeRoad is very flexible with schedules – so watch this space!”

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