After EastEnders Paul Nicholls’ life consists of a waterfall crash and a divorce bombshell.

After EastEnders Paul Nicholls’ life consists of a waterfall crash and a divorce bombshell.

After EastEnders Paul Nicholls

Following his departure from EastEnders, Paul Nicholls has kept a low profile.

Since leaving Albert Square in 1997, the star, 41, has gone on to secure roles in Law and Order: UK, Holby City, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, and theatre productions.

However, he has largely avoided the spotlight and seems to have turned his back on the fast-paced entertainment industry.

Paul was well-known for his role as schizophrenic Joe Wicks in EastEnders in the 1990s, after breaking into the soap scene at the age of 16.

The teen heartthrob was named TV’s sexiest actor twice and appeared on the covers of Smash Hits, heat, Just Seventeen, and Sugar magazines.

On EastEnders, he was at the height of his success.

Paul had previously appeared on the shows Children’s Ward, Earthfasts, and The Biz as a child actor.

Off-screen and in real life, the EastEnders star has seen his fair share of heartbreak and tragedy.

His brief romantic dalliances with his EastEnders co-stars Martine McCutcheon and Daniella Westbrook may have been overlooked by others.

After his divorce from Chantal Brown, the former soap star has remained silent about his love life.

After three years of dating, Paul and Chantal fell in love in 2005 and married in 2008.

Their marriage was doomed from the start, and it ended in 2015.

Paul had a cancer scare in 2016, when he couldn’t talk for months due to a benign throat tumor.

He told Loose Women at the time, “It’s nerve-wracking to be back on stage.”

In a production of Stephen King’s Shawshank Redemption, the actor made a return to the stage.

“I didn’t speak for a couple of months. It was a tumour rather than a nodule, in my vocal cords.”

After a terrifying waterfall crash in Thailand in 2017, Paul admitted that he was fortunate to be alive.

Emergency services discovered the actor three days later at the bottom of a waterfall in Koh Samui.

Paul was discovered semi-conscious, suffering from hypothermia, a fractured leg, and a tropical infection as a result of his wounds.

Later, on Loose Women, Paul relived the terrifying moments when he revealed his near-death encounter.

He told: “It was 6.30 am, I’d be in the gym already. I lived halfway up the mountain, I went to the top to take pictures.

“I came around the corner, there were about 15 wild dogs. One pack had made a kill and the blood attracted the rest of them.

“The nearer I got to the waterfall, one of them chomped on top of my foot. It drew blood and then he ran off with my flip flop.

“I pulled into the waterfall and thought the only way I can go is down, but I didn’t realize how much I was bleeding.

“As soon as I touched the rock, I just went over. It was a 20ft drop and my knee hit something on the way down.

“It looked like something just flew out of my knee – part of my knee cap – and then I hit the water. Where my knee cap should have been, there was just a hole and I was holding it.”

While crabs and leeches appeared everywhere, Paul recalled “screaming for help.”

He added: “These crabs came out, then the leeches were coming out of everywhere – I wasn’t hallucinating.’

“I spent all day battling away the leeches, screaming for help.”

After EastEnders Paul Nicholls

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