Aadi Alahan in danger as Courtney Vance affair is exposed in Coronation Street

Aadi Alahan, 17, and COURTNEY Vance had been creeping around the cobblestones with ever since Vance developed feelings for her.

However, when the affair is ultimately revealed, the Coronation Street boy played by Adam Hussain is in danger.

Aadi Alahan put his romantic life on hold after a disastrous romance with Summer Spellman until it became apparent that he was falling for Amy Barlow.

Although Stephanie Davis rocked on the cobblestones earlier this year as Courtney Vance, ITV watchers will remember that this young romance never materialized.

Courtney, the wife of Dev Alahan’s business partner Darren, lured Aadi, and despite their age difference, the two started a passionate relationship.

Courtney and Aadi are determined to keep their relationship a secret because doing so could terminate Courtney’s marriage and jeopardize Dev’s (Jimmi Harkishin) business aspirations.

A secret is never fully safe in Weatherfield, which is unfortunate.

After securing the Freshco contract, Darren (Ryan Early) schedules a supper to celebrate and suggests that Amy (Elle Mulvaney) couple Aadi.

Darren and Dev are perplexed by Amy and Aadi’s hasty attempts to offer justifications.

Darren and Dev are absolutely unaware of Aadi’s relationship with Courtney, but Amy is well aware of it because she overheard them having a tryst earlier this year.

As soon as Dev refers to Aadi and Amy as a relationship, Aadi corrects him and claims he is already seeing Monica.

Aadi is unaware that Darren is gradually understanding.

Later, as Amy listens, Darren confides in Dev about his and Courtney’s marital difficulties and his suspicion that she is having an affair.

Amy alerts Aadi that Darren is aware that Courtney is acting erratically as the celebratory lunch gets under way.

Dev tells Darren, Courtney, and Amy that Aadi has a new girlfriend and praises her as gorgeous, humorous, and intellectual.

Aadi follows Courtney outside where they kiss while Darren and Dev are preoccupied.

However, when Dev runs into them, he is shocked to see his son engaged in a passionate embrace with the boss’ wife.

How will he respond?

Can he stand in for Aadi?

Or will he reveal all to Darren?

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