‘A class act’: Coronation Street actor ‘gutted’ as co-star makes unexpected exit

In response to the terrible murder of Leo Thompkins (played by Joe Frost) by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), Jack James Ryan of Coronation Street paid a touching ode to his co-star. The Weatherfield actor expressed his regrets over the departure of his dear friend.

Jack said he is “gutted” that Joe, his co-star and buddy, is departing the cobbles.

He wrote: “Brilliant episode of #Corrie, quality stuff from @matthiltondir” in a tweet after horrifying events on the ITV serial.

Joe Frost is a true gentleman and a class act, therefore it hurts to see him go.

We were completely bereft of Jacob & Leo content, the star then reflected. Brother, I’ll see you on the next one! Sadly, Leo.

In the upsetting ITV episode from Monday, Stephen lost control as a worried Leo nearly foiled his nefarious scheme to rob his mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls).

Stephen pushed Leo off the side of a structure, causing him to fall 20 feet into a dumpster beneath the factory, in scenes that terrified viewers of the soap opera.

Leo threatened to call the police if Stephen carried through his plan to steal the equity from her house and sell it to pay back his ex-partner Gabrielle, which sparked the altercation.

The worried construction worker was then thrown over the top of the manufacturing building by Stephen and died in a sad accident after being struck by a metal pole.

The shady businessman has been riding a wave of dishonesty and debt, but on Monday night, he stooped to new lows.

Fans who watched the harrowing episode expressed their shock at Stephen’s downward spiral’s continuation.

“OMG!” exclaimed Justin Rafferty. NO WAY! Leo is pushed from the balcony by Stephen. Stephen is absolutely killing Leo!

“Has Leo died!?” asked Raven. unsure if he was stepping off the roadway.

Lousie Hazeldein can be heard saying: “Leo dead???? Jenny, poor Jenny, has no success keeping guys alive.

Viewers who tune in on Wednesday think they know who is next on Stephen’s hit list.

“Think Stephen will surely kill again,” tweeted @Cinders12345678. I’m considering that his ex-wife Corrie might be the next.

That was intense, said DeviantDomme. I wonder whether we’re dealing with a new Richard Hillman. Since I believe Stephen’s wife will be the next!

“Here we go with the serial killer scenario again, I bet Steven kills his wife next,” wrote Ondo Lady. #Corrie.”

Jenny Connor’s amazement was stated by Sally-Ann Matthews, who portrays her in the soap opera, in reference to the episode that aired on Wednesday night.

Jenny just had her farewell lunch at The Bistro last night, so tomorrow she’s waking up and she’s packed, she remarked in a conversation with Lorraine.

She’s moving abroad and believes he’s just wasted on his friend’s couch.

Then, as the day goes on, it becomes obvious that he is no longer there.

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