9 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

As Craig continues to deny his wrongdoing on Emmerdale the following week, Lydia confronts him there.

Gail appears to be harboring secrets from Ryan, while Victoria loses her job after her error puts Jacob in the hospital.

Nine major events are listed here in their entirety.

1 There are issues in Lydia’s marriage.

Sam tries to make amends with Lydia before his travels to Ireland in light of previous hostilities between them. She struggles to confide in him about her recent ordeal and doesn’t respond well to his efforts.

Sam is still oblivious to what is happening and worries that Lydia is pushing him away despite Lydia’s best efforts to hide her sorrow.

2 Craig uses Samson as a pawn.

Craig recognizes other opportunities to exploit Samson to exacerbate the conflicts within the Dingle family. He interrogates the teen incessantly regarding Lydia and Sam’s relationship.

Lydia humiliates her stepson by telling him to go home when she discovers Samson in The Woolpack with Craig. Mandy begins to worry about what’s hurting Lydia, while Samson is unhappy with Lydia’s intervention.

3 Lydia challenges Craig.

Lydia works another cleaning shift at the workplace but panics when Craig shows there.

By telling Lydia that he done nothing wrong, Craig maintains his denial of his guilt. Craig is rebuked by Lydia for labeling him a rapist.

4 Mandy becomes increasingly alarmed.

Mandy is still keeping a close eye on Lydia and is concerned about her situation.

Sam and Lydia’s marriage may be seriously in jeopardy, but Mandy thinks that it is. Will she risk making matters worse by getting involved?

5 Jacob falls over.

Victoria makes a mistake by informing Jacob incorrectly that a slider is nut free at a sampling event at The Hide. As a result of an allergic response, Jacob passes out.

Victoria learns that Jacob has an auto adrenaline injector in his automobile from Jacob. Victoria hurries off to collect it but loses critical time looking for it.

6 Victoria is dismissed.

When David discovers that Jacob has been admitted to the hospital, he hurries off to visit Jacob.

In her quest for retribution, Leyla has Victoria in her sights. Gabby forces Victoria to accept her error, and as a result of the unfavorable publicity, the HOP loses potential customers.

When Leyla later discovers Victoria still employed at The Hide, she is upset and threatens to destroy the company unless the matter is rectified. Victoria is unhappy as Gabby intervenes and dismisses her.

7 Gail attends a private meeting.

Gail temporarily interrupts her date with Ryan to answer an enigmatic call that she got.

Soon after, Gail runs into Sophie, a needy woman, at the allotment. When she hears negative news about Oscar, she becomes concerned.

8 Cathy creates a fresh strategy.

Cathy confides in April her plans to “cure” her PMDD symptoms despite the fact that the physicians have advised against it.

Samson becomes the focus of Cathy’s attention, and she is happy when he flirts back. The teenagers set up a date, but will it be successful and does Cathy still have a hidden agenda?

9 Gabby provides an update.

Kim has recently threatened to sell everything and leave the town, so Gabby gives her an update.

When Gabby says she won’t be selling the HOP after all, Kim is relieved. Is this the first indication that Gabby is regaining her former self?

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