9 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

In the upcoming episode of Emmerdale, Cathy snaps after learning she has PMDD, while Lydia deals with the fallout from being raped by Craig.

Caleb and Cain travel somewhere unknown in the interim.

The top nine events to watch are listed below.

1 lydia having difficulty

Lydia is beside herself and unable to cope with the consequences of her awful rape.

Lydia is compelled to deal with the memories on her own by keeping the painful occurrences to herself. Will she make a decision to call the police and report Craig?

2 Cathy is diagnosed

Cathy and her family are relieved that Cathy has finally received a formal diagnosis of PMDD. Cathy quickly learns there is no treatment for her illness, so the good news is fleeting. Only management of her illness is offered as a kind of treatment.

Cathy snaps at Bob at home because she is angry and dissatisfied with the doctor’s advice and vows to do whatever it takes to find a solution.

3 Assault on Wendy by Cathy

Cathy refuses to give up on finding a cure, despite her family’s best efforts to persuade her. She throws an ornament from the garden through the B&B window in a fit of rage, just missing Manpreet.

Wendy tries to calm Cathy down by taking hold of her, but the teenager pushes Wendy to the ground. In spite of having chest pains, Bob tries to help.

Cathy is distraught about her father’s condition as Manpreet examines Bob, but Wendy asks her to go since she needs to go. With her hand bleeding, a horrified Cathy bolts off.

4 Cathy is a hasty decision-maker.

Cathy is discovered injured by Liam outside Tenants Cottage. She reluctantly lets him look at it despite being hurt and upset.

As they converse, Cathy expresses gratitude to Liam for his pledge to take her PMDD seriously, but she soon makes snap judgments. A false hope from Liam?

5 Felt guilty by Manpreet

After Victor’s unexpected passing, Claudette, who is in deep mourning, realizes she needs Charles’ assistance more than she initially thought.

Manpreet is more ashamed than ever for keeping Charles’ plan to put the necklace on Victor a secret after witnessing Claudette’s heartbreaking sobs.

6 Amelia begins to relax

Amelia is settling into a new life without her father after moving into The Woolie with Chas.

She volunteers to assist her former stepmother behind the bar, pulling kegs alongside Chas, as a way of saying thanks to Chas for her support.

7 Gabby is preparing to go.

Gabby makes preparations to permanently leave Emmerdale because she feels as though her life is in ruins and there are constant reminders of Nicky’s betrayal everywhere she turns.

Will she follow through with her intentions to sell everything and start over, or will something cause her to reconsider?

8 Traveling in stealth, Cain and Caleb

In the midst of enjoying himself with his brother Caleb, the freshly initiated Dingle, Cain receives a strange text. Cain turns to face Caleb and enquires as to whether he wants to leave town for a while.

Cain urges Caleb to fabricate a plausible justification for lying to Moira and Chas, who are both suspicious, in order to conceal the cause for their road trip.

Moira, who was enraged when she implored him not to leave, watches as the two now-friendly brothers leave on their clandestine excursion.

9 David feels again for Victoria

David acknowledges at the store that his affections for Victoria are growing once more. Victoria dumped him for being egotistical and engaging in fraud during the end of last year, which led to their breakup.

Next week, though, when David confesses to Jacob that he’s falling for Vic once more, Jacob is not pleased. Will Jacob be honest with David?

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