9 huge Coronation Street storylines airing in October

As a new month has begun, it’s time for another roundup of the main Coronation Street storylines that will be seen on your TVs in the coming weeks.

October on the cobbles will be anything but peaceful with a Weatherfield killer on the run, another murder mystery to be solved, and two marriages in jeopardy.

Here are nine of the most significant future events.

1. Stephen continues to scam Audrey

After getting away with murder, Stephen, the new bad guy on Corrie, still has to deal with his initial problem: his finances are in disarray, and his estranged wife Gabrielle is still demanding money after he stole from her.

Leo learned, just before he passed away, that Stephen intended to con his mother Audrey in order to get the situation under control.

Stephen keeps working on this assignment in the upcoming weeks, convinced that he is acting legally because Leo is no longer involved.

Stephen’s actor, Todd Boyce, recently revealed to us: “Stephen’s considering how to extort some cash from Audrey. He won’t longer be in charge of the trust, according to her. He is therefore considering equity release from her home.

“In my opinion, Stephen has always been a prosperous businessperson. It resembles a gambler exactly. He simply believes that if he can just get that money in, he can make it grow. I’ll give it back to her after that.

2. Stu’s murder case is resolved

When his buddies on the Street learned that Stu had previously served a jail sentence for murder, Stu’s past lately came back to haunt him. However, is there hope?

Alya has a suspicion that Stu’s ex-wife Lucy might have been the true killer behind Charlie’s demise in upcoming episodes.

Alya arranges for a sample of Lucy’s DNA to be compared to archival data from the murder investigation after utilizing cunning methods to obtain it.

This month’s television episode will disclose the real Charlie’s killer, so will Alya’s theory hold up? Time will only tell.

3. Harvey returns?

While Will Mellor is now showing off on Strictly Come Dancing, it is well known that he will also be making a comeback on Corrie at some point in the near future.

Will is rumored to have just started filming again for fresh sequences as the murderer Harvey Gaskell, who tragically killed Natasha last year.

This plot’s antecedent, Natasha’s son Sam covertly writing letters to Harvey while he was imprisoned, has already been established.

It’s only a matter of time before Harvey appears, as the news of his comeback began to circulate quite some time ago. Could it occur before the end of this month?

4. Ken and Wendy’s relationship causes a stir

Since Wendy returned to Weatherfield, Ken has become closer to her, much to the chagrin of his daughter Tracy.

While Ken and Wendy are now simply friends, we’ll witness them get even closer and decide to start dating in the coming days.

Everyone will be watching Tracy to see how she responds when they make their choice. Will she approve of Ken with maturity? Come on, we’re talking about Tracy here…

5. Aggie and Tim take lying too far

We’ve witnessed them falter to be completely honest with their separate spouses Sally and Ed ever since Tim turned to Aggie as a confidante this year.

Aggie had previously kept quiet about how her son James had a heart attack during a pub league football game as she and Tim were cozying up in the kitchen to bake.

Aggie takes Tim shopping the following several days to purchase Sally an anniversary present, and she then lies to Ed about it, adding to the secret.

When Tim gives her some jewelry as a thank-you gift, Aggie will have to come up with another cover story.

Even if Aggie and Tim haven’t cheated, is it only a matter of time before their lies come back to haunt them and endanger two marriages?

6. Maria faces more cruel comments

This year, Maria has grappled with the pressures that come with being a municipal councilwoman, including vicious online harassment and ominous threats to her safety.

In October, this story is brought up again because one of Maria’s policy moves garners unfavorable online commentary.

Will Maria be able to handle the situation?

7. Max faces trouble at school and at home

This month, Max’s bullies Blake and Chris humiliate him in the Freshco parking lot while taping the incident.

When Max finds out that David and Shona want him to leave the Pupil Referral Unit and go back to his former school, he urgently hopes he can get away from the thugs, but things might not be as easy as he thinks.

Max also encounters issues at home after being accused of yet another heinous conduct.

Given his past, it’s not surprising to see Max blamed, but is this time different?

8. Aaron’s home life gets worse

This month, Aaron gets assaulted once more by his alcoholic father, but later opens up to Billy about the miserable circumstances in his home. Billy, who had no idea what Summer’s partner was going through, feels compassion for the young man right once.

Many people in Weatherfield, including Summer, want to help Aaron, but will he accept their assistance or start pushing everyone away?

9. Bernie does Fern’s bidding

In order to earn some quick money, Bernie recently pretended to be Fern on a speed awareness course. Unfortunately, this month’s decision by Dev that it would be preferable for her not to serve as his cleaner again causes her financial difficulties to worsen.

Dev decides against mixing work and pleasure when he and Bernie become a couple since he doesn’t want to. Bernie, however, finds herself short on funds as a result.

Bernie feels as though she has no choice but to resume her impersonation of Fern and perform additional jobs, but will she go too far?

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