10 clues that Emmerdale dropped over Caleb and Nicky’s secrets

Last week’s episode of Emmerdale featured a double-whammy twist when Caleb Miligan, a recent arrival to the community, finally had his true identity exposed.

The ITV soap opera has revealed that Caleb is Nicky the nanny’s father, and the cunning duo is working together to take over Home Farm.

Caleb’s motivation is personal because he is Frank Tate’s first husband’s hidden son.

There have been hints to the truth hidden along the way ever since Caleb and Nicky made their appearances in December, but did you manage to find them all?

1. The closing credits

The final credits of Emmerdale often confirm the last names of all of the main characters. The entire names of a lot of guest characters or villains of the week are also listed.

Nicky the nanny was only given the moniker “Nicky” when he first came on board in December. Fans were alerted by this unique tactic that Nicky might have a family link that the soap opera producers were attempting to conceal.

2. Lewis Cope’s first interview

In December of the previous year, Emmerdale revealed Lewis Cope as Nicky, marketing the new nanny at Home Farm as Gabby’s potential love interest.

Lewis hinted that there might be more to his character than what first meets the eye in his first interview to promote the part, which generated a lot of conjecture right away.

At the time, Lewis told the media: “Nicky is a beautiful person right now, and there’s nothing to imply that he isn’t.

But you’ll have to wait and see; he almost seems too good to be true.

3. Caleb’s graveyard visit

In Caleb’s first episode from a year ago, he visited his brother Cain in jail where he received a cold response.

Caleb went to the hamlet against Cain’s harsh warnings to stay away, where he saw Chas, his other long-lost sibling, in the cemetery.

Chas was visiting the cemetery of her late daughter Grace while feeling sad. While viewers probably didn’t give it much attention at the time, we now know that Caleb had his own motive for visiting the cemetery—looking for Frank’s ultimate resting place.

4. Caleb and Nicky arriving at the same time

For a while, there had been rumors that Caleb and Nicky might be secretly dating.

In December, both individuals appeared on screen just a few days apart and were given jobs at Home Farm. At the same time, they received jeers at press conferences for Emmerdale in the real world.

It didn’t take a genius to realize that Caleb and Nicky might be secretly collaborating as some fans have been referring to them as a father-son team.

5. Nicky’s focus on the Home Farm job

A key component of the strategy to exact revenge on Kim is Nicky’s role as the Home Farm nanny. When Caleb can’t be at the estate himself, he uses Nicky as his eyes and ears.

Nicky made it abundantly obvious that the job was his first concern by rebuffing Gabby’s attempts to seduce him at Home Farm earlier this year. If Kim discovered the truth, Nicky feared that he would lose his job and his ability to spy.

By concluding that Nicky romancing Gabby could benefit them, particularly when it came to seizing her piece of Home Farm too, Nicky and Caleb adjusted their strategy over time.

6. The mystery of the missing watch

In January, when Will’s watch momentarily vanished, chaos broke out at Home Farm. Sam was wrongly accused of stealing from Will, and Will’s obstinacy in handling the problem strained his relationship with Kim.

Sam’s fellow Dingle was defended by Caleb, who insisted that Sam was blameless.

Before things got out of hand, Nicky produced the watch out of thin air and claimed that he’d seen infant Thomas playing with it.

Nicky’s statements appeared false from the outset because Will had left the watch on top of a kitchen counter, making it impossible that a small 1-year-old had reached up to get it.

Even though the drama around the missing watch eventually died down, fans correctly surmised that Nicky and Caleb might be working together to build a wedge between Kim and Will.

7. Caleb’s suspicious phone calls

Recent episodes of Emmerdale frequently featured Caleb on the phone with an unknown contact, updating them on his success at getting inside Home Farm.

Given that they couldn’t risk being overheard speaking face-to-face, we can now presume that Caleb was calling Nicky.

Even after admitting to Cain that he wanted Home Farm for himself, Caleb’s covert phone calls continued to imply that there was more to the tale and that he wasn’t being completely honest with his brother.

8. Nicky’s slip-up at Home Farm

We are aware of Nicky’s struggles in maintaining the lie that he and Caleb are complete strangers.

Prior to the big reveal, there was a small hint when Caleb saw Nicky and Gabby succumbing to temptation in the Home Farm kitchen.

Nicky snapped and questioned Caleb about why he was suddenly “big on trust” when he made a show of doubting what he was up to.

“Have you got information that says different,” Caleb retorted sharply. Nicky was forced to back down as a result of this, but it was clear once more that he knew more about Caleb than he was putting on.

9. Nicky’s suspiciously quick marriage proposal

Even while soap opera romances are known to develop swiftly, Gabby and Nicky’s engagement certainly sparked some questions.

Only a few weeks had passed since the two had started dating when Nicky decided to propose, saying he’d been thinking about it for some time.

Later, Nicky complained to Caleb about feeling pressured to act affectionate with Gabby. This proved that he didn’t really care about her, and Kim was right to worry about Gabby getting too involved.

10. Nicky’s slip-up over his mum

Nicky recently made the effort to meet Bernice and Laurel, who questioned him about his history.

Nicky revealed that one of the reasons he connected with Gabby, whose father Ashley passed away in 2017, was because his mother had died when he was 15 years old.

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