7 Coronation Street spoilers this week: Ryan’s setbacks and Roy’s healthscare

Ryan (Ryan Prescott) in Coronation Street is having a difficult week as he adjusts to life after the deadly acid attack.

Ryan reaches out to numerous people as his life falls apart around him, but to no avail. How will he fare?

In other scenes, Beth (Lisa George) and Faye (Ellie Leech) engage in risky liaisons, Roy (David Neilson) experiences a health scare, and Paul finds himself in serious difficulties.

Read on for your Coronation Street spoilers between Monday 17th and 21st April 2023.

Ryan comes to terms with his new life

After Justin enters a not guilty plea at his plea hearing, Daisy and Ryan learn that things have just become worse and that they will now have to go through their traumatic experience again in court.

Ryan is overcome with emotion at the notion of going through it all over again as Daisy gives the news to him and Alya at the hospital. Alya is eager to convince him that she would stand by his side throughout everything, which leads to a heart-to-heart conversation. How will Alya respond when Ryan, who was obviously moved by her remarks, confesses his love for her?

Later, Daisy brings Crystal to visit Ryan in the hospital in the hopes that talking about gigs in Ibiza will distract him from his situation. It succeeds; Ryan is actually looking forward to getting back to this.

Ryan is unaware that Crystal no longer wants to work with him. How will he react when he learns this information?

Ryan suffers yet another setback when the doctor informs him that a skin transplant is necessary because his wounds aren’t healing as effectively as they should be. When Daisy and Carla go to check on him, they find an empty bed in his room. When they do locate him, it is evident that he has suffered trauma.

Ryan is eventually given the all-clear to go home following the skin graft, but he struggles when he overhears a group of nurses laughing, leading him to believe that they are making fun of him.

Once more, a young child’s inquisitive attention to his wounds raises his doubts. How will Ryan adjust to his new lifestyle?

What’s wrong with Roy?

Roy and Evelyn go to a salsa class, but things don’t go well when Roy clutches his chest and admits he’s not feeling well. Roy claims he wasn’t feeling well, but Evelyn is enraged that he left her in the lesson. Evelyn storms off when he won’t talk about it any more.

Later in the week, Roy schedules a consultation with Dr. Gaddas and discloses that he has been experiencing dyspnea and chest problems. When Evelyn learns that the doctor has sent him for tests, she insists on going with him.

Will Roy be alright? What is wrong with him, exactly?

Faye and Beth have wandering eyes

Faye is happy to see Jackson and Miley when they stop by the factory to visit her. When Craig gives them tickets to see the Weatherfield Giants play basketball, Faye is overjoyed and encourages them to go. Faye and Jackson exchange a thoughtful gaze as the group departs for the game.

At the same time, Beth can’t help but plan to meet Marco for a drink outside the police station. Marco leans in for a kiss while in full-flirt.

Meanwhile, Faye deceives Craig about who she’s really in the pub with and makes plans to meet Jackson for a drink in town after his interview.

But Beth, who is there with Marco, surprises her when she runs into her! Is it too late for Beth and Faye?

Faye is torn as Craig proposes

When Jackson asks Faye to move to the south with him since he was able to secure her a new job, she is taken aback. But, Beth drags her to Victoria Street where a small gathering has formed, including Jackson and Miley, as she ruminates on that. Craig is in the center of it, pleading for her hand in marriage while he is on his knees. When the going gets tough, who will Faye pick?

Stu gets shocking news

When Stu learns he is owed £200,000 in compensation, he is left speechless. But, his joy is short-lived because he has a personal issue to cope with: Eliza is being ridiculed at school because her mother is in prison. The head teacher, who advises Eliza to transfer schools, doesn’t provide Stu with any useful information at the start of class. Yasmin believes it would be an excellent chance for a new beginning, but where will she go?

Paul struggles with his secret

Billy offers to make travel arrangements and suggests that he and Paul need some alone time. Paul makes an effort to maintain his positive outlook, but he is still awaiting a call from the MND specialist to learn the findings of his testing.

Later, Paul answers the phone when it rings, unsure of what to expect, but he must hang up when Billy gets home. Will Billy learn what Paul is truly thinking?

Stephen has another get of jail card

As Michael implies that possibly Rufus was inebriated when he fell in the water, Stephen is offered a lifeline like a cat with nine lives. Stephen is more than happy to have the spotlight diverted from him and will happily participate in the deception to cover up yet another murder. The following week, Elaine advises that they announce their engagement, but Stephen has to dissuade her because he doesn’t really want the spotlight.

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