6 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

6 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

1. Will Lewis succeed in killing Ari?

6 huge Home and Away

The biggest twist in Home and Away since the Witness X reveal aired this week was the discovery that Lewis seems to have no limits when it comes to exacting vengeance on Christian.

Despite Christian’s earnest protests that he did everything he could when he operated on his wife Anna following a car accident, Lewis continues to blame him for her death.

Since starting work at the Northern Districts Hospital, Lewis has been attempting to discredit Christian and ruin his faith. This week, however, he was seen taking it a step further by planning a murder.

Lewis crept into Ari’s hospital room and planned to murder him in order to prove Christian’s incompetence as a surgeon. The cliffhanger at the end of the week left us questioning whether he’ll be good or not.

Ari’s actor, Rob Kipa-Williams, was recently spotted filming for Home and Away on stage, so Lewis’s terrifying scheme seems unlikely to succeed. Lewis, on the other hand, is obviously someone to keep an eye on – and while we’re on the subject…

2. Has Lewis killed before?

6 huge Home and Away

Christian has recently been shaken by the deaths of other patients. Someone at the hospital died suddenly in February after Christian had finished their surgery. Although Jasmine pointed out that the patient may have died for a variety of causes, Lewis was able to spread doubt that Christian had fucked up in some way.

Another person died a few weeks later after Lewis demanded that Christian not be allowed to operate on them. Since he’d had a sip of champagne at his engagement party earlier in the day, Lewis made sure Christian was relieved of his duties for the day.

It’s unclear if Lewis’s harassment of Ari is the first time he’s gone too far in this direction, or whether he already has a body count.

3. How far will Susie go?

6 huge Home and Away

Susie has spent the majority of the week arguing with Irene, who knows she can’t be trusted. Susie stooped to new depths by spiking a drink meant for Irene as John attempted to organize a peacemaking meal for the three of them.

Because of Irene’s sobriety, John drank the poisoned wine instead, leaving him seriously ill. Despite the fact that the incident appeared perplexing at first, Irene quickly placed the pieces of the puzzle together and understood that Susie had to be to blame.

Susie’s ruthlessness makes us wonder how far she’ll go to exact vengeance on her rivals. Susie is currently carrying out a more physical assault on Irene in a new promo airing on Channel 7, indicating that the Summer Bay favorite is still not healthy.

4. Will Leah and Justin lose all of their savings?

 Home and Away

Leah and Justin have both been entangled in Susie’s tangled web. Susie initially helped the happy couple in their quest for a new home, but she then went above and beyond by linking them with a private lender after they were refused a mortgage.

Susie’s true motives were revealed when she called a mystery contact and boasted about duping Leah and Justin into trusting her.

Leah and Justin have already put down a significant amount of money as a deposit, and based on what we’ve seen from Susie so far, we can’t help but think they’ll come to regret it.

6 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

5. Have we seen the last of Kieran?

 Home and Away

Over the last few weeks, Martha has been having dreams of Kieran while dealing with her mental health. The situation took an abrupt turn this week when Kieran reappeared – and this time, he was the real deal.

Martha thought her mind was playing tricks on her before Kieran abducted her and sped away with her from the caravan park. She eventually took matters into her own hands and called the cops on her thug baby, who was furious at the betrayal.

At this point, it’s unclear if we’ll see Kieran again, or if Martha will be able to settle her problems with him in the future.

For the time being, Martha will concentrate on her own mental health, as she has promised to seek treatment.

6. Can Willow ever earn Bella’s forgiveness?

 Home and Away

This week, Willow’s thoughts returned to Bella, who she still regrets hurting so badly when she misled Colby with her ‘Witness X’ testimony.

Ziggy attempted to mediate the situation, but her efforts backfired when an attempt to arrange for Bella to spend time with Willow resulted in yet another squabble.

Willow was left with food for thought after the unfortunate incident, when she realized that repairing her relationship with Bella would take a lot more effort. Is it really going to happen, or is this one relationship that will never be the same after the Witness X drama?

6 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

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