6 Emmerdale spoilers next week: Kim Tate discovers that Jamie is alive

Remember the ‘death’ of Jamie Tate last year? Given her own propensity for doing the same, his mother Kim was convinced he had staged the entire event! But just as she came to terms with his death, viewers learned that Jamie was actually still alive.

Kim is about to learn the truth at this point. While Mackenzie Boyd struggles to keep his secret from Charity Dingle, troubled Liam Cavanagh gets ready to welcome wife Leyla home.

Partner Laurel Thomas makes Jai Sharma a proposal, but there might be a catch. And when Bernice Blackstock and Jai’s father Rishi eat lunch together, Bernice is upset. Could things be improving for Noah Dingle?

Here’s all you need to know about Emmerdale from 12th – 16th September 2022.

6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

1. Kim learns the truth about Jamie

Kim is upset when her other grandmother Hazel and her much-loved granddaughter Millie don’t show up the next week; nevertheless, Kim is stunned when she learns that Hazel has been in an accident.

When Kim arrives at the hospital, she learns that Jamie, who she had just assumed was dead, was the one who shoved Hazel down the stairs.

When Kim demands to know what Jamie has been doing, Hazel becomes frightened but tells Kim about her time living with Jamie. Har

Furious and red-faced, Kim calls the police and reports her son for attempted murder in response. However, young Millie is terrified and perplexed to see Kim. Kim invites the young girl to Home Farm out of concern for her safety, but she is still reserved.

Kim sobs in private and wrecks the living room while Dawn Fletcher Will Taylor and Gabby Thomas try to comprehend the fact that Jamie is still alive in light of their earlier concerns.

Kim is soon presented with evidence of Jamie’s existence by the police, and as Millie becomes distressed after overhearing her grandmother speak about her father, Kim is scared to learn that she has fled.

Will she be alright, asks Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton), as they still haven’t located Millie? And when will Jamie return?

2. Liam struggles as Leyla returns

Liam anticipates Leyla’s impending return home next week after she departed for drug addiction treatment. However, Liam’s friend Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) is concerned that he is denying the truth of the circumstance. Priya urges Jai to assist in controlling Liam’s expectations after witnessing her brother Jai’s own struggle with addiction and subsequent recovery.

Liam receives advice from Jai on how to handle his wife’s treatment, but Jai also makes Liam face the reality of his wife’s addiction.

Additionally, Liam is worn out by the day’s chats when he joins Leyla for a couples therapy session, and the two open up to one another. The next day, Liam brings his wife home, but their relationship is still tense. Can they rekindle their relationship as Leyla settles back into the community?

3. Mack’s mystery lover refuses to back off

Guilt-ridden Mack chooses to tell Charity everything because he still feels terrible about his most recent one-night encounter. But Mack changes his mind when a flirtatious Charity pulls him to the bedroom. Later, when he gives Charity a surprise trip to Ibiza, she is pleased and immediately begins planning the getaway.

However, Mack is still taking calls from the unknown woman he had an illicit relationship with, and he stealthily takes another call while pleading with his partner to leave him alone. Who is it though? We are aware that it is a local person, so when that bombshell is dropped, there will undoubtedly be plenty of drama!

4. Jai gets his life back on track

After he fraudulently obtained a loan in her name earlier this year, Laurel and Jai’s relationship has been on and off again. Later, when Jai came dangerously close to relapsing, his addiction was brought to mind before he was falsely accused of possessing Leyla’s cocaine. The couple is finally taking a second chance and appears to be happier than ever.

Jai is thrilled when Laurel invites him to move back in with her. Archie, though, seems unimpressed. Why is the young child not more eager to have the blended family restored given that he has always been fond of Laurel in the past? Can Jai and Laurel persuade him that everything will turn out okay this time? It’s a bit hazardous to make a commitment in a soap opera, but it’s worth a shot!

5. Rishi offends Bernice

As they converse and decide to share lunch, Rishi and Bernice both acknowledge their feelings of loneliness. Rishi, however, has the impression that Bernice is too intense for him at this time, so he leaves. Bad manners, Rishi.

When Bernice learns about it, she is horrified and subsequently confronts him for leaving her. Will Rishi apologize for his rudeness? And would he discover that he erred by passing judgment on Bernice too quickly? Whether they choose to live alone or together, it would be good to see these two find some happiness.

6. Noah receives an offer

Since being released from prison, Noah has shown a true desire to make changes in his life. He’s been eager to work in the electrical industry since obtaining his electrician certification so he won’t have to rely solely on serving customers at the family tavern The Woolpack.

In following episodes, local electrician Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) offers him a position as his apprentice, providing him with a chance. Will Noah succeed in his new position, and will he be able to work well with the workaholic Marcus?

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