6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: will Charity and Mack get married?

In the soap opera world, we love a beautiful white wedding, but Charity (Emma Atkins) and Mack (Lawrence Robb) from Emmerdale have no interest in walking down the aisle.

Simply put, whatever that could possibly go wrong does, and whether the odd couple will actually be married is up for debate.

If it wasn’t dramatic enough, Mack is shocked to learn that Chloe has given birth to his child while Charity is still in the dark.

Will the mystery finally be revealed? Will Mack and Charity be able to walk down the aisle? What on earth has Bernice done at this point?

Read on for all your Emmerdale spoilers for Monday 17th April to Friday 21st April.

Charity and Mack get arrested

As Moira and Charity grow closer, the future bride has a lightbulb moment when she recognizes an A-Team allusion in an old photograph of Mack.

Nevertheless, their ceasefire is short-lived, and shortly after that, they begin to argue, with Charity eventually throwing Moira into a haystack.

Charity believes Moira is trying to ruin the wedding, but the next day Moira gives Charity the wedding rings, proving Charity is mistaken.

Back on track, Moira shows Mack an incredible gift from Charity: an A-Team vehicle replica! In their best A-Team garb, the infatuated couple takes the van for a ride, but when PC Swirling shows up with disturbing news—the van was really used in a crime—Mack and Charity are taken into custody. They should settle in because they won’t be leaving anytime soon, says Piece of Work Swirling.

Will Mack and Charity get to the church in time?

The following day, preparations continue in the hamlet but Charity and Mack begin to lose faith in their ability to carry out the wedding in prison.

Although it doesn’t seem likely at first, the cop eventually releases them—even though it’s too late for them to get married now. Charity begs Swirling to let them go.

Mack begs Cain on the phone to put a stop to Charles, saying they are en route. They are shocked when a knight in shining armor pulls up; it’s Swirling driving the A-Team van! The A-Team van finally arrives at the chapel just in time, and Charles consents to marry them despite their fancy outfit! But if they had believed that the rest of the day would be uneventful, they were in for a surprise.

Chloe goes into labour

While the A-Team debacle is going on, Sarah and Chloe settle in for a night of pampering. But, their night is cut short when Chloe’s waters burst! Chloe heads directly to the hospital with Sarah as she gets ready for the birth of her child.

The following day, pregnant Chloe is having labor pains but nags Sarah to leave because it’s time to get ready for Charity and Mack’s wedding.

As Sarah informs Mack and Charity that Chloe is in labor inside the church, the expectant father disappears, claiming he has something “important” to accomplish.

Nate discovers his friend carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and needs to be persuaded to return to the church so that he can wed Charity. Before embarking on a new mission, Mack pauses to read a message on his phone. Charity fears the worst as she enters the church: will she soon become a jilted bride? Chloe is in labor in the hospital and is happy to see someone has arrived to be with her. Is Mack here?

Amelia and Noah reunite

Noah tries his best to calm Amelia, but she can’t help but worry about her future and what might happen to Esther after her cancer scare last week.

Amelia can’t help but worry that Esther may wind up with Samson if something were to happen to her, despite Noah’s adoring insistence that he loves her and will always be there for her and Esther. Amelia is so overwhelmed by her emotions that she is at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Lydia is shocked to learn about Amelia’s lump after she is able to extract the truth about her from Noah. The actual reason Samson is having trouble with the news is that it has unmistakably brought to mind the death of his own mother, Sam realizes after Lydia lashes out at him for having little sympathy for Amelia.

Sam is determined to help his son through this trauma, and Samson acknowledges that he is also concerned about Esther should something happen to Amelia.

All the while, Amelia and Noah reconnect and have a heart-to-heart, sealing the deal with a kiss. Samson makes an effort to make amends as well, but Amelia is now over him. Will she ever be able to let him go? Will she be okay, too?

Chas is taken aback

Chas had been expecting for a reunion with Paddy, but when she goes over to see him again, she suffers another setback. He admits that he has spoken with a lawyer and begun discussing a divorce.

He asks Chas if she would think about filing for divorce jointly in order to hasten the process after admitting he doesn’t want to make the anguish last any longer. Will she say anything?

Nicky’s motives are questioned

All eyes are on Nicky and Caleb’s next movements now that we viewers are aware of the truth about them. Nicky, who is engaged to Gabby and appears ready to seize control of Home Farm, exhorts Gabby to get married as soon as possible. She has, however, taken advice from the finest and, in true Kim fashion, challenges his motivations. Has Nicky lost his chance with her now that his plan seems to be going wrong?

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