6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Leyla’s habit exposed and Amelia in trouble

Marlon experiences a poignant moment, Laurel finds romance, Charles has optimism, and Sandra keeps up her lie.

In the Dales, secrets are about to be revealed, but those who are holding them aren’t willing to divulge them.

David Metcalfe notices Leyla Cavanagh about to take another line, which reveals her dependence on cocaine.

Amelia Spencer, a teenager who has been taking weight gain syrup, experiences severe side effects that could have very significant repercussions.

Marlon Dingle goes outside for the first time since his stroke, while Kit, his physiotherapist, falls in love with Laurel Thomas, Marlon’s ex-wife.

As they discuss recent occurrences and the future of their relationship with their daughter and sister Naomi, Charles and Ethan Anderson catch up on recent happenings. Additionally, Sandra Flaherty is deceitful.

6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

1. David catches Leyla taking cocaine

When David feels that Leyla isn’t doing enough to demonstrate her support for her son Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant), who is set to leave for college, the two get into an argument.

David is furious when Leyla replies by spending money to curry favor with Jacob once more.

But Leyla’s recent cocaine binge has made her overly generous, and when Jacob shows her the pricey home he’s discovered, she quickly regrets volunteering to pay for Jacob’s lodging.

Later, when Kim Tate (Claire King) and Vanessa Woodfield grill Leyla with questions, she has trouble. When Kim fires a struggling Leyla as her wedding coordinator, David has already seen her about to take cocaine.

David is unimpressed by Leyla’s attempts to explain herself and chooses to tell her husband Liam so that she can obtain assistance.

Leyla asks David to remain silent and promises to stop using drugs, but is she speaking the truth? Will David keep her secret?

2. Amelia’s dangerous habit leads to danger

Amelia feels embarrassed when Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) inquires about her romantic life after Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) informs him that his daughter is seeing someone.

She ignores the blurring in her eyesight and returns to the prison under the guise of Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) to visit Noah Dingle (Jack Downham).

Amelia is happy that she believes they are getting closer, but she is also worried about her vision, which is getting worse.

She consents to watch Thomas, Gabby’s infant son, once more, despite dangerously ignoring her nausea.

Another jail letter written to Gabby is stolen by Amelia at Home Farm, and as her nausea and dizziness worsen, she faints while holding the child and drops him.

Amelia fabricates the story that Thomas fell out of his high chair when Katherine Dow Blyton’s Harriet Finch shows up.

Amelia is overcome with guilt as Gabby appears and is held accountable for the incident as Harriet drives him to the hospital.

Kim calls Amelia out on her lies when Dawn Fletcher’s son Lucas admits he saw Amelia drop Thomas.

She confesses ingesting the syrup she ordered online when questioned about her blackout. Dan is in astonishment and attempts to contain it as Amelia consents to be examined. Will Amelia take something away from this?

3. Marlon returns to the Woolpack

Vanessa considers organizing an engagement party for Marlon and his fiancée Rhona Goskirk (Zo Henry), but both Rhona and a recovering Marlon are skeptical about the idea.

Rhona is relieved when Marlon accepts the party, but he still seems hesitant about it.

Marlon feels anxious about returning to The Woolpack because he hasn’t been able to perform his culinary magic there for months.

He is overjoyed to be back in the family bar upon his arrival. However, Marlon is reassured by his best friend Paddy (Dominic Brunt), and Rhona and he later return for their celebration.

Everyone applauds as Marlon makes a sincere declaration to Rhona, but is he truly as happy and at ease as he seems?

4. Love for Laurel?

Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) is consoled by Laurel after expressing his resentment toward Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough), who provided his late sister Holly money to do drugs the night she passed away.

But when Matty tells Laurel that the pills she believed her ex Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) had dropped in the Take A Vow office were Suzy’s, she is taken aback.

But that doesn’t seem to stop Laurel from trying out a new relationship with Kit. And after finding out that Laurel will be there, Kit is just as eager as he is to attend the engagement party.

When Jai witnesses Laurel making out with Kit and then kissing him, he is upset. Jai soon learns more about Laurel and Kit’s developing friendship.

Will Jai have to move on if Laurel accepts this new connection, or is there still hope for the former couple?

5. Will Charles get a chance to know Naomi?

Charles is left debating whether he should keep in touch with his long-lost daughter Naomi after their uneasy initial encounters.

And during a conversation with his son Ethan, Charles covers his anger when he learns that Ethan has been contacting his sister.

Charles holds out hope that he can establish some sort of relationship with the daughter he was unaware of until last year when Ethan updates him on his chats with Naomi. Will Naomi be open to it?

6. Sandra takes advantage

Since her return, Sandra has disrupted daughter Liv Dingle’s (Isobel Steele) established life with Vinny (Bradley Johnson).

Liv consented to take Sandra in when Sandra persuaded Liv that she needed assistance stopping drinking. Vinny’s mother Mandy (Lisa Riley) then offered assistance by giving Sandra a job at the salon.

The following week, though, as Sandra contentedly pocketed a ten-pound tip, Mandy wonders what happened to the missing tip money.

Sandra is aware that going forward, she must exercise caution in her lie, but how far will she go?

Will Sandra find other methods to stir up problems in the community, or will she risk causing Liv to relapse?

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