6 EastEnders spoilers next week: Janine pregnant as Frankie exits

Even the evil Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is shocked by the latest twist in her tale when she learns she is carrying her partner Mick Carter’s (Danny Dyer) child. While Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis), Mick’s daughter, receives an intriguing offer, his ex-wife Linda (Kellie Bright) is dealing with additional stress.

Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) finds herself unwelcome in another location, where a brawl breaks out as a result of her recent behavior. Balvinder Sopal’s Suki Panesar is still struggling with her secret, while Amy Mitchell may soon experience love (Ellie Dadd).

Read on for the latest news on EastEnders from 19th – 23rd September 2022.

6 EastEnders upcoming week spoilers

1. Janine’s shock baby news

Mick is disappointed when Janine’s unexpected day trip conflicts with Linda’s appointment with her attorney. Janine advises Mick leave because she understands that a successful conclusion would be to her advantage. But soon after, Janine starts to feel ill, and when Sonia Fowler brings home a sick Scarlett, Janine begins to wonder whether she and her daughter might be suffering from the same virus.

However, while tending to Scarlett, Janine passes out, and Sonia and the doctor are shocked to learn that Janine is pregnant when they arrive at the hospital. Janine is urged by Sonia to inform Mick, but it appears that she is hesitant to do so because Sonia subsequently encourages her once more to speak to her other half.

What would Mick think if Janine decides to have the child, and will she?

2. Frankie’s new life?

If Mick does learn, it will add to the list of continuing issues that are already on his mind. Frankie had experienced harassment while out, which caused Mick to worry for her. Shortly after, she breaks some surprising news to him. Frankie informs Mick after sharing with Shirley (Linda Henry) the news that the schoolgirl she has been mentoring is relocating to Scotland and has been invited to join the family.

But when Mick is unenthusiastic, she is unimpressed. Frankie would subsequently discuss her concerns about going away with her friend Callum Highway (Tony Clay), despite Linda’s encouragement.

Will Frankie leave for Scotland to make a fresh start, or will her concerns and her father Mick stop her? The star Ayling-Ellis will undoubtedly be leaving the show, but will this be it?

3. Will Linda be reunited with Annie?

As the week gets underway, Linda’s hopes of regaining custody of her infant daughter Annie are destroyed. Mick, though, stands by Linda and reassures her that he still loves about her, offering to assist in the child’s return. Later, when Mick gets ready for Linda’s court appearance, she waits impatiently for it to begin while being reassured by her new attorney, who Mick has paid for.

When Linda realizes what Mick done for her, she confides in her friend Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) about her affections for him. Linda is scheduled to make a love declaration at The Vic, but will she have the time to do so, or will this coincide with Mick learning that Janine is pregnant? And will Linda successfully win Annie back?

4. More drama for Dotty

Dotty’s living condition is still up in the air following her breakup with Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota). Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), who is staying at the Beales’ with Rocky (Brian Conley), accuses Dotty of creating a mess that was actually created by Bobby (Clay Milner Russell). Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) informs Dotty that her grandmother, Dot Branning, owns Sonia’s house as Dotty tries to leave (June Brown).

However, Sonia declines to take Dotty in after hearing from her. Rocky is pushed by Sonia to defend Dotty on his own, and Kathy gives him the go-ahead to persuade his niece to stay after all.

However, the situation is still tense since she tells Kathy that Rocky is keeping something from her. Dotty almost admits that Rocky might be her father after overhearing a conversation about one of his previous relationships before losing her cool.

Rocky and Vinny intervene as Ash Panesar confronts Dotty about how she treated Vinny, but Vinny is enraged and tells Rocky that he is Dotty’s biological father.

After staying at the Taylors, Dotty is convinced to confront Rocky after Rocky is left speechless. Will they talk about the shocking information, and is it real?

5. Will Suki reveal her secret?

Vinny and Ash, who now work for Suki and Ravi Gulati, are handing out brochures for Walford East, which Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) finds unimpressive (Aaron Thiara).

However, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) is aware that something is amiss with Suki, who continues to think that she killed Ranveer (Anil Goutam) when in fact it was his son who committed the crime. Eve urges Kheerat to attend the restaurant’s opening, but when she overhears Suki and Ravi arguing, she attempts to get Suki to explain what’s happening.

Kheerat rejects Eve and Stacey Slater’s (Lacey Turner) repeated efforts to persuade him to attend the opening.

Suki worries that Kheerat and Ranveer’s obvious absence will be noticed, but Kheerat does show up—only to be furious when he sees Stacey and Ravi making out! Suki becomes anxious when a family friend inquires about Ranveer.

Kheerat confides in Suki his misgivings about both Ranveer and Ravi before Ravi quickly steps in to seize control, but his mother brushes off his views. Will Suki ever open out to her loved ones about her trauma?

6. Young love for Amy?

Denzel urges Tommy and Nugget to stop tease Amy when he sees them at the market, but they promptly disregard him. Later, when Denzel apologizes to Amy, Amy is dubious as Nugget looks on with interest.

Denzel claims he doesn’t like Amy when Nugget asks him if he does, but his denial isn’t particularly convincing. There might be a fresh youthful romance developing in Albert Square if Amy likes him as well.

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