6 Coronation Street spoilers next week: Kelly’s horror revenge on Gary

Next week, there will be possibly fatal drama on the cobblestones as Kelly Neelan attempts to have Gary Windass, who she now knows killed her father Rick, slain, arrested. When a shot is fired, whose life is actually on the line? Gary suddenly finds himself in a scary scenario.

In another scene, Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid continues to lie, but Audrey Roberts’ mother Audrey (Sue Nicholls) is worried.

Leo Thompkins is also aware of Stephen’s lack of sincerity. Will his lies be exposed to the public? When Roy Cropper loses control of a priceless artifact, his friend Evelyn Plummer helps him out. Can they reclaim it?

Read on for all you need to know about Coronation Street from 19th – 23rd September 2022.

6 Coronation Street upcoming week spoilers

1. Kelly takes revenge

Kelly is on the hunt for retribution and is boiling over with rage. She starts by asking Todd Grimshaw if he has any questionable contacts that she can give to a “friend.”

Todd gives her the good advice to call the police instead, and when Kelly is summoned to the station to identify her kidnapper, she is shown images, one of which shows the offender: Kieron.

Kelly pretends not to recognize him before approaching a nearby Kieron outside. Kelly asks him £10,000 to kill Gary despite the ordeal he put her through! She conceals the fact that the tickets are one-way when she informs her fiancé Aadi Alahan that she has purchased them for travel to Bangkok.

Kelly is tearful as their engagement celebration at the Bistro begins, but things are about to take another sinister turn.

2. Gary in danger after killer reveal

Inattentive Gary uses the occasion to speak movingly about Kelly and how much the family loves her, but Kelly is filled with rage and tells him she knows he killed her father. She rushes out of the Bistro, and when Gary turns around to see her with Kieron, he is shocked.

After being quickly knocked out and loaded into a van, Kelly assures Kieron that he would receive the remaining cash when Gary has passed away.

However, as the van accelerates away, Kelly is left to consider her choice and wonder if she will regret it. Gary is guided to the woods where Rick was killed by Kieron and his sidekick Al. Gary is told to dig his own grave by the couple as they brandish a rifle at him. However, this story has even another twist.

3. Who is shot?

We don’t know what will happen next, but we do know that Gary is able to warn Aadi later that Kelly is now in danger.

As they follow Kelly’s phone to help them find her, Kieron is outside an abandoned mill with Kelly, where he discloses his new plan to have her killed while fabricating Gary’s death as a murder-suicide.

Gary and Aadi come and notice Kieron’s van as Kelly freaks out. They are horrified to see Kelly on the rooftop; however, just as Kieron is about to shove her over, Gary enters the scene and commands Kieron to shoot him. The pistol fires a few seconds later, but who was actually hit? Will Kelly’s planned departure lead to her death, or may Gary lose his life as retribution for his crimes?

4. Leo and Audrey are suspicious as Stephen plots

Next week, when David reports that the sinkhole in the garden is reopening, Leo is present to conduct a survey at the Platts’ and sees Stephen’s duplicitous behavior.

Leo notices Stephen’s anxious reaction when Audrey offers to have her family stay at her home. Unaware of Jenny Connor’s concern over her secret kiss with Stephen, he says to her that he considers the man to be pretty peculiar.

Leo questions why Stephen is lying when he claims to have stayed in a nice hotel after confirming that Audrey and Gail Rodwell have left for the spa day he had paid for.

Then Audrey comes back early and says she discovered an estate agent’s valuer at her property who claimed Stephen booked the appointment. Leo overhears, and the two guys subsequently exchange punches. Will Audrey ever understand that her son is not to be trusted? Will Leo stoke the fire further?

5. Will Stephen’s lies be exposed?

Following the altercation, David tries to contact the police, but Stephen prevents him because he obviously doesn’t need them there! Has Jenny’s duplicity been exposed as Leo storms out and she has a lot of explaining to do?

David is interrogating his uncle about what transpired with the valuer at Audrey’s house, as well as the reason why he spent the night in his car.

But when Stephen’s ex-wife Gabrielle arrives, their argument is broken up (Helene Maksoud). Stephen’s heart breaks, but will she call his criminal behavior to light? The executive producer of Corrie has already hinted that this plot will become more darker, so be on the lookout!

6. Roy’s heartbreak over lost Hayley memento

Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove), in need of extra money, convinces Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) to allow her to clean the apartment for Roy’s birthday. But rather than just going about her business, she offers they donate a carton of used clothing to a charity. Nina concurs, but is unaware that one of the items is the red apron that belonged to Roy’s beloved late wife Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh).

Roy recognizes the model train as being his when Evelyn gives it to him as a birthday present later. Roy and Evelyn go there when Evelyn realizes it originated from the same charity shop where Hayley’s coat must be.

Later, Evelyn goes back to the store and, thinking owner Joy is wearing the anorak, rips it off of her. Joy is confused, but what will Roy do?

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