5 things Emmerdale needs to spice up the show

It’s no secret that Emmerdale is having trouble right now.

Here’s what we believe the soap needs to return to its best after a spectacular first half of the year. The summer has been a dreary letdown.


Emmerdale hasn’t exactly been known for its humor, but the sorrow that is currently going on needs to be brightened up somehow.

When people aren’t being attacked, they’re either drowning in debt or awaiting execution in front of their loved ones.

Currently, everything is quite gloomy and dreary, but that needs to alter with some humorous and upbeat scenes to avoid everything from feeling so hopeless.

Dead Dingles

The clan has evolved recently from a fairly typical family tree to a huge, sprawling forest with branches all over the place.

Dingles appear to make up about half of the community, which is way too many.

So that we can start over, we need a massive catastrophe that eliminates some of the less useful ones.

New villain

Meena Jutla has taught us that serial killers are entertaining and can really liven up a show.

People do die, it’s true, but does anyone really even remember Andrea and the other two? Not exactly huge losses.

The joy of Meena was that she came out of nowhere and burned brightly.

It’s not unreasonable to demand that bosses replicate that, is it? Also, bring her back.

Kim Tate

It’s no secret that Kim Tate is Emmerdale’s best asset.

But planning a wedding while she does it isn’t exactly riveting television, is it?

While it’s wonderful that they’ve somewhat humanized her, Kim desperately needs a foe worthy of her attention.

It’s time to introduce one of them to the community and test her mettle.

A fun affair!

Don’t get us wrong; affairs are bad, cruel, evil, etc., but they aren’t even close to being entertaining to watch.

Unless, of course, they’re between the village’s bereaved harridan and the immoral character who utterly destroyed her life.

Emmerdale needs two people who are unexpectedly drawn to one another; forget Chas and Al.

Remember when Robert and Aaron first started Robron and couldn’t control their emotions? Watching that was enjoyable.

We require that right away. So, Mackenzie and Marcus, it’s your turn.5 things Emmerdale needs to spice up the show

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