5 Emmerdale spoilers next week: Liam cheats as he kisses ex Bernice

In the world of soap operas, cheating is a recurring theme, and next week it will be the turn of dependable doctor Liam Cavanagh, who is having marital difficulties with Leyla.

In the end, he kisses his former fiancée Bernice Blackstock, but how will Leyla take it?

In a different scene, Harriet Finch begins a relationship with Dan Spencer, but Amelia, Dan’s expectant daughter, is about to learn of Dan’s interference in her own relationship with Noah Dingle.

In addition, Faith Dingle enjoys spending time with her close friend and ex-partner Eric Pollard.

Here’s all you need to know about Emmerdale from 19th – 23rd September 2022.

5 Emmerdale upcoming week spoilers

1. Liam kisses Bernice amid tension with Leyla

Leyla’s return from recovery has not eased the tension between Liam and her. Liam is finding it difficult to deal with the fallout as Leyla continues to heal from a heart attack she suffered after her drug addiction took a turn for the worse. As Leyla releases her emotions, Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) worries about her buddy while Leyla wonders that her marriage is over.

In the meantime, Liam is passing Bernice. Bernice is stunned when Liam gives her a kiss after old memories of their relationship emerge. Soon, Bernice will push that the distraught Liam tell his wife what occurred, but as he embraces Leyla, Liam changes his mind about telling her the truth.

2. …And Leyla finds out!

Bernice observes Leyla crying from a distance and assumes incorrectly that Liam has admitted to their kiss as Leyla hopes they can move past this.

She tells Leyla about the kiss, and she can’t believe what she’s hearing. Will she confront her spouse about his infidelity?

Whatever transpires, there are other pressing issues to think about, such as whether Liam truly still harbors feelings for his ex or whether their brief encounter was just an error for which he feels guilt.

Is there still any chance for Liam and Leyla to remain a relationship, or should they call it quits on their union? There is already enough infidelity in this community—just look at Chas and Mack!—so fingers crossed that it stops here at least.

3. Harriet agrees to a relationship with Dan

After their previous almost-kiss, Bernice’s comment that she could do much worse than the friendly mechanic caused Harriet to view Dan in a new perspective. Dan, though, is perplexed when Harriet flirts with him; does she really like him after all? Well, she doesn’t take long to kiss Dan, and while Harriet is unimpressed, he is enamored.

Harriet surprises Dan by deciding to date him after speaking with Faith. Amelia, who has known Harriet for a number of years due to their shared love of the church, is thrilled for them. But despite her personal romantic drama, the girl is still depressed.

4. Amelia reunites with Noah

Amelia is soon incensed to discover that her father compelled Noah to dump her. After pledging to change his ways, Noah has sincere feelings for Amelia. However, when Dan learned that his daughter is expecting Samson Dingle’s (Sam Hall) child, he was even more against Noah’s involvement in her life and told him to cease things if he really cared for her.

When Amelia leaves, Dan starts to feel bad about what he did. The young couple shares their first kiss after Noah makes a commitment to become the guy Amelia and her child need. Dan is annoyed to see them together, but his response just makes Amelia move away.

Dan is left feeling worse than ever because he realizes he has completely blown it. Will Amelia forgive her father and accept his help or will she continue to be enmity with him? Will she and Noah be able to persevere?

5. Faith enjoys time with Pollard

In upsetting moments, Faith’s health has been fast declining, but she is more determined than ever to make the most of the limited time she has left. The following week, she spends an inebriated afternoon with Pollard and returns to the hamlet on a stolen golf cart. Such antics are pure Faith style!

Faith is having the time of her life and is happy to be seeing her buddy while she is still able to. Will she have enough time left before she dies to create all the memories she wants? The well-liked character will end during the anniversary episodes in October, Emmerdale has previously announced.

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