4 Emmerdale spoilers next week: Lydia confronts her attacker and Jacob’s in peril

Will concerned Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) understand what Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) is going through when she confronts her rapist Craig Reed (Ben Addis) next week?

When Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) suffers an allergic reaction, Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins), who is hiding something, triggers an emergency.

While dealing with a recent diagnosis, Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) is also thinking about romance.

The following week will bring four Emmerdale spoilers.

1 Lydia challenges the rapist Craig

Sam (James Hooton), who is unaware of what has happened to Lydia, watches her slip further away from him as he makes one final attempt to make amends with her before leaving for Ireland.

Due to her trauma, Lydia is unable to reciprocate, and as she hides her suffering, Sam feels as though she is pushing him away.

Craig is still using Samson (Sam Hall) to ratchet up the tension in the Dingle household. When Lydia discovers her stepson in the Woolpack with Craig, she snaps and fiercely orders a humiliated Samson home. Samson is questioned by the man about Lydia’s relationship with Sam.

While Lydia chastises Samson for urging him to avoid Craig, Craig is left feeling uneasy. Lydia is cleaning at the office when Craig enters, which makes her frightened once more as Mandy becomes increasingly concerned that something is wrong with her.

Craig calls himself a rapist as Lydia becomes increasingly frustrated with his assurance that he did nothing wrong.

How will Craig answer? Will Sam learn what Craig done to his cherished wife?

Jayne Butler, CEO of Rape Crisis, was recently questioned about how she would like to see rape and sexual assault addressed in the future as Craig maintains his innocence.

The prevalence of rape and sexual assault in our culture now makes it seem as though society is basically telling us that rape is something that will happen to us, she told RadioTimes.com and other media.

“And I would really love to see that type of emphasis in the way we’re attacking those systems to be much more about stopping rape from occurring.

“I don’t feel like we all have to take that risk, but we do have to prepare our kids for that as they grow up and be aware that it could happen to them,” the author says.

That shouldn’t be something we expect to live with, and I’d really like to see the government and other people approach it from the viewpoint that we’re saying, “This isn’t okay, and we’re not going to let rape become something we accept, we’re going to stop it in the first place.”

Star Blick shared how she prepared for such terrible scenes as Emmerdale continues Lydia’s journey. She admitted, “I really started taking care of myself.”

The first thing I did was make sure I was in a good, strong, physical, and psychological position before starting this story.

So, following the advise of the experts I’ve spoken to, I underwent some hypnotherapy. I began practicing yoga every day so that I could sort of let go of whatever that could have been physically clinging to me at the end of the day.

“Especially in the moments immediately following [the attack]. After processing what had happened, I could almost instantly feel myself adjusting how I was holding myself on stage. It was quite wonderful to simply be able to get rid of that physically.

2 Jacob’s life is in danger because of Victoria.

At a taste, Victoria misinforms Jacob that a slider is nut-free, which causes him to have an allergic response. After a frantic hunt for an auto adrenaline injector, panic sets in. Jacob is able to signal that he has one in his car, and Vic hurries to fetch it.

While Victoria searches the car but is unable to locate the injector pen, Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) struggles and Jacob becomes weaker. When David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) learns what has occurred, he immediately drives to the hospital.

Leyla is enraged by Victoria’s error and will soon exact revenge. Owner of The Hide Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) is subsequently informed by Vic of her error, and as a result, Gabby loses potential customers for The HOP.

Vic is still working, which astounds Leyla, who then threatens to destroy the company. Victoria is horrified when Gabby fires her. Will Jacob be alright in the event’s dramatic aftermath?

3 The enigmatic secret of Gail

Following a lovely dinner with her lover Ryan Stocks (James Moore), Gail leaves to covertly follow up on an unknown phone contact. In the Allotment, Gail is later shown meeting Sophie, a desperate lady.

When Gail receives some unfavorable information regarding Oscar, she is shaken. The question is, who are Oscar and Sophie, and what sort of secret is Gail keeping?

4 After receiving her diagnosis, Cathy pursues Samson.

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who has been informed that there is no cure for PMDD, is shocked when Cathy explains her new strategy to treat her symptoms.

When Samson responds to her flirtatious banter, Cathy’s heart soars, and she is happy when the two confirm a date.

Will everything happen as planned? And will Cathy have to concede that PMDD is something she will have to live with?

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