3 Huge Emmerdale spoilers tonight Gabby worries about a social services visit

According to tonight’s (Friday, July 22 2022) Emmerdale spoilers, Gabby is concerned about the social services visit over Thomas’s fall.

Jai is devastated in the meantime, and Sandra intensifies her preparations to acquire some money.

Emmerdale tonight has all of this and more.

1.Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby worries about a social services visit

In the episode from last night (Thursday, July 21), Gabby asked Amelia to watch her son Thomas while she took care of some work.

Additionally, she requested that she watch over Dawn’s son, Lucas.

Amelia agreed to look after the kids despite feeling dizzy.

Lucas was at Home Farm, calling to Amelia, who was holding Thomas.

Once more experiencing dizziness, she ultimately lost consciousness while holding the infant in her arms and collapsed to the ground.

Amelia informed Harriet that Thomas had fallen from his high chair as soon as she arrived.

Gabby and Bernice questioned whether Thomas was securely fastened to his high chair at the hospital. But Amelia claimed that Gabby had fastened his seatbelt.

The thought that she was to blame for her son’s fall made Gabby feel awful.

Lucas informed Kim and Dawn at Home Farm that Amelia and Thomas had fallen.

When Amelia was challenged by Kim, Gabby was enraged that she had lied.

Amelia admitted to taking weight syrup when her father Dan questioned why she had passed out.

He insisted she get checked out, but later, when Amelia was by herself, the doctor shocked her by telling her she was expecting.

Tonight, Gabby is concerned because she will soon receive a visit from social services regarding Thomas’s accident.

Will they remove him?

She is still enraged at Amelia. Will she exact her vengeance?

2.Jai left heartbroken

Jai was obviously envious of Laurel and Kit at Marlon and Rhona’s engagement party as they danced and flirted.

Later, he saw them sharing a kiss, breaking his heart.

When Jai finds out that Kit spent the night at Laurel’s place, he is upset.

3.Sandra steals from the salon

Sandra is currently enjoying her ten-pound tip. But Mandy notices that the money has vanished and inquires about it with Sandra.

Sandra is aware that going forward, she must proceed cautiously.

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