15 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

In the Emmerdale episodes that would air the following week, Charity and Mack’s wedding day arrives, but things are far from easy going when they both end up in jail and Chloe gives birth.

Amelia and Noah get back together, and Paddy asks Chas for a speedy divorce in the meanwhile.

Here are the top 15 events to keep an eye out for.

1. Charity accuses Moira of sabotage

When Moira shows Charity some old pictures of Mack as a young boy, Charity gets an excellent idea for a wedding gift for her soon-to-be husband. But the prospective in-laws’ pleasant moment is short-lived, and soon they are arguing.

Moira tries to find the rings while Charity forces her into a haystack and accuses her of planning to sabotage the wedding.

The following day, Moira presents the rings to a relieved Charity, and things are finally resolved.

2. Mack and Charity are arrested

When Moira unveils the unique gift Charity had planned to give Mack as a surprise—a replica of the A-Team van to bring back memories of his favorite childhood television program—Mack is overjoyed. Soon after, he and Charity dress as the characters and take a drive.

Charity and Mack get flirtatious while the van is parked on a country road, but PC Swirling quickly apprehends them and tells them the van was used in a robbery. When he arrests them, they find it hard to believe.

Swirling warns them to settle in because it’s going to be a long night while they are imprisoned in their cells. Hours before the wedding, Charity is furious, insisting that Moira must be entirely to blame.

3. Chloe goes into labour

While all drama is going on, Sarah and Chloe are getting ready for a pampering night and are ignorant of it. But as soon as Chloe’s waters rupture, terror sets in.

The following day, Chloe is still having contractions at the hospital, but she instructs Sarah to leave and prepare for the wedding.

4. Charity and Mack’s wedding day is in jeopardy

Charity begs Swirling to let them go as planning for the big day continues, but he is unmoved. After several hours, the two are finally freed, but they are devastated to learn that it is too late for them to get to church on time.

Mackenzie contacts Cain and begs him to stop Charles, but just then the A-Team van, driven by Swirling, swerves into view.

Despite their absurd outfits, Charles agrees to marry them when they successfully complete their task to arrive at the church on time.

5. Mack’s loyalty is torn

Just as the ceremony is about to start, Sarah informs them that Chloe has given birth, and Mack vanishes, claiming he has an urgent matter to attend to.

Mack is found by Nate in a full state, unsure of what to do. Mack cannot decide whether to choose his son or his future wife, but Nate urges him to act quickly.

Mack exits after reading a message on his phone. But does he intend to go to the hospital or the church?

6. Charity and Chloe wait

Chloe texts an unknown individual while in labor at the hospital and by herself.

The door to the room opens as Chloe’s anguish increases, and she is relieved to see her guest. Will Mack arrive in time to witness the birth, though?

7. Noah tries to support Amelia

Noah tries to reassure Amelia by assuring her that it’s unlikely her lump is cancer after observing how upset she is about her health scare. Amelia, however, is only concerned about the future and the fact that Esther will be left with Samson, her uninterested father.

Amelia isn’t in the right frame of mind to think clearly about her sentiments, despite Noah’s efforts to make it apparent that he still wants to be with her and Esther.

Later, when Lydia interrogates him and he is forced to reveal Amelia’s lump, Noah finds it difficult to keep Amelia’s identity a secret.

8. Samson struggles

When Lydia learns how Samson handled Amelia’s cancer scare, she confronts him and snaps at him. Sam begins to notice Samson is more impacted than he admits as he becomes defensive.

Sam tries to be sympathetic after seeing that Samson is being made aware of the difficulties his own mother Alice had. Samson acknowledges that he is concerned about Esther’s future, but he is unable to be the father she needs or to uphold Sam’s example.

Sam is prompted by this to consider how challenging Samson’s upbringing without a mother must have been. He promises to be Samson’s support system and to always be there for him.

9. Noah and Amelia reunite

Amelia reveals to Noah that she has missed him a lot and wants to reunite, which makes Noah very happy. They embrace and kiss, enjoying their reunion.

Samson and Amelia run into one other the next day. He is upset because she won’t listen to him out because she says she doesn’t have the energy for his excuses. Will he be able to convince Amelia to listen as he explains his actions?

10. Bernice tries to spice up her menopause group

After hearing Nicola describe her menopause support group as boring, Bernice decides to spice things up. After coming up with a brilliant idea, Bernice decides to enroll in an art class, but when the group finds out it’s a life-drawing class, they are shocked.

Heath has been listening in the entire time, but Bernice is not aware of it. His mind immediately envisions a young, stunning model when he hears there will be a naked model.

11. Bernice seizes the moment

When the model for the life painting class calls in ill, Bernice has a setback for her newly redesigned menopausal group. Bernice decides to pose while she is naked because she is determined not to let this meeting be another failure.

Heath and Elliot, who are unaware of this modification in the model, stand ecstatically outside the cafe. Elliot quietly opens the door, slides his phone into the opening, and snaps a picture.

However, as soon as the guys realize Bernice is in the shot, they are overcome with terror.

12. Paddy asks Chas for a divorce

Chas’s hopes of seeing her estranged husband again are dashed when Paddy says he has spoken to a lawyer and is prepared to file for divorce.

With Paddy’s decision now clear, he recommends they file a joint application to hasten the process and asks Chas if she will support him in doing so.

13. Gabby has doubts about Nicky’s proposal

Gabby finally begins to wonder why Nicky is so eager to wed her so quickly, as we were all yelling at the television the previous week. While Gabby is still unaware of the cunning Home Farm scheme, she chooses to ask Nicky the question.

Will Nicky be able to persuade her that he doesn’t want to wait now that he has found real love as his plan begins to fall apart? Will Kim’s already doubtful doubts assuage an infatuated Gabby?

14. Bernice gets competitive

When Nicola informs Bernice about the Man Club’s plans, Bernice decides to take a bold step because she is determined not to allow her menopause hold her back.

Bernice is motivated to go one step further and declares she will be running a 10k when she learns the guys are doing a 5k. She may have taken on more than she can handle.

15. Laurel worries about Marshall

Marshall has been trying his best to act as though nothing is wrong while still feeling insecure about his sexual orientation and his father’s brutal response.

However, perceptive Laurel begins to suspect Marshall isn’t as fine as he pretends to be the next week. Will she be able to aid and extract the truth from him?

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