15 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

In the Emmerdale episodes airing the following week, Bob and Bernice reopen the B&B and have a dreadful shock.

Sam steals from the store to aid Amelia and Esther in another incident, but as Eric pursues him, Sam suffers a serious fall.

Here are the top 15 events to keep an eye out for.

1. Bob falls out with Cathy

Both Cathy’s mood and Bernice’s plotting irritate Bob as they get ready for the B&B’s opening night. He advises Cathy to skip their big night when she has an outburst.

The following day, after accidently ruining the cake Marlon had baked, Cathy sobs inconsolably because she feels humiliated and guilty.

2. Cathy loses her temper

Bernice comes in and gives Cathy an amethyst pendant to help her deal with her stress because Bob can’t handle Cathy.

Later, after trying to apologize to Bob, she loses her cool and destroys her pendant when he instructs her to stay out of his way.

She breaks down in tears once more, unable to identify the source of her distress.

3. Bob and Bernice have a shocking first day

The day of the grand reopening, Bernice wakes up blissfully satisfied after having a passionate night with Tim the harpist, whom she had hired for the occasion.

She has, however, significantly overslept, and a disheveled Bernice makes an effort to hide it from a panicking Bob.

Bernice is enjoying the position as the new dynamic couple waits for their first guests, but she has to excuse Tim when he doesn’t show up.

Later, Bob breaks the news that Tim, the harpist, has passed away.

4. Wendy jumps to the wrong conclusion

Wendy’s situation worsens as a result of some mishearing, which leads her to believe Bob and Bernice have been having a relationship.

Wendy is distraught and later accuses Bob of having an affair while spraying him with ice water from an upper window.

When Bob shows up at the B&B drenched in water, Bernice can’t help but chuckle, but Wendy’s charge horrifies her.

When Bob speculates that Wendy might be menopausal and Cathy shows in, hoping to meet with Bob, Bernice comes up with a scheme.

If this is only the beginning, we’re excited to witness the chaos this new management will bring about.

5. Noah feels the pressure

When Noah realizes he has lost his apprenticeship since Marcus is leaving the area, he begins to feel under strain. Dan regrets not being able to provide financial assistance to Amelia.

Samson is causing tension between Noah and Amelia, so while Amelia struggles to find Esther a babysitter, Noah looks for employment.

6. Samson blackmails Noah

When Noah finds out that his cousin’s deception has succeeded and Samson has been caring for Esther instead, he is furious. Noah is concerned about his motivations.

Samson keeps upsetting Noah and eventually tricks him into giving him some of his trust cash. After some resistance from Noah, Samson is ordered to stay away from Amelia and Esther in exchange for two thousand dollars.

7. Sam steals from the shop

Sam suggests Cain offer Dan a raise while wishing he could do more to help his granddaughter. Unsurprisingly, Cain tells him to think creatively and unconventionally—the Dingle way—and rejects his proposal.

Sam naturally begins stealing goods from the store for Esther as a result.

8. Eric has a nasty fall

At first, Sam tries to divert Eric while he steals, but soon enough, Eric catches on and confronts him.

Eric rushes after Sam as he escapes the scene after seeing red. Eric, however, slips and smacks his head, knocking him out. Will Sam be of assistance?

9. Gabby continues to flirt with Nicky

Nicky continues to treat Gabby poorly, and she is baffled as to why. Sparks fly, though, when she asks him to button up her garment.

Gabby is excited to finally be moving in the right direction as she recognizes his eyes are all over her.

10. Nicky quits his job

Nicky is reluctant to start a love relationship because Gabby is his boss, so she decides to temporarily fire him so they can have fun.

Nicky decides to quit instead because he is unhappy, which surprises her.

11. Ethan plans to propose

When Marcus and Ethan are able to put their disagreements aside and get along, Ethan is overjoyed. However, little do they know, both of them are concealing something.

Marcus is feeling incredibly terrible as Ethan prepares to pop the question, and there will soon be a major shock.

12. Vinny is touched by a gesture over Liv

Vinny’s mood becomes depressed as Liv’s birthday draws near, and he only thinks about her.

When his family remembers Liv’s birthday and plans a unique celebration in her honor, he is moved.

13. Arthur is hurt by Marshall

Arthur has been hoping that there could be something between them ever since Marshall started opening up to him, but Laurel will have to console him next week when Marshall informs him they can’t even be friends.

In order to prepare for his LGBTQ+ event, Arthur is able to gather his courage and enlists Jacob’s assistance.

14. Jai tries to help Leyla

Jai feels it is his duty to help Leyla overcome her addiction issues now that Priya has left, especially because he is aware of how challenging it can be.

Leyla is touched when Jai reaches out to her in an effort to persuade Jacob to mend his connection with her. Suzy, however, is indignant when Jai confronts her and forbids her from spending time with Leyla.

15. David faces court

David is getting ready to go in court and surrender his driver’s license after finally admitting his wrongdoing.

Will the imposition of a driving restriction scare David into acting more responsibly?

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