14 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

On Coronation Street the next week, Max will be attempting to foil Griff’s risky scheme while Nina is injured while looking for Roy.

While doing so, Stephen hides his tracks.

Here are 14 major events that will be on your televisions soon.

1. Max’s videos begin to spread

Max has been employing his expertise in filmmaking to make far-right propaganda videos as a result of Griff’s recent efforts to further indoctrinate him. After watching one of his films, Lily shows it to Eliza and makes a commitment to email the link to her later.

Stu confronts David and Shona after seeing Eliza watching the video and explains the material Max has been producing.

2. Spider is attacked

Griff implements a strategy when Maria decides to rename the Christmas market as a Peace Market to address the current antagonism in the neighborhood.

Griff gives Spider the directive to meet him at his apartment, concealing his true intentions by having Spider assume that he is in fact preparing something for Maria’s town hall meeting.

Later, Spider receives a message from Max requesting an urgent meeting. However, when Spider encounters Griff, Griff attacks him with a crowbar.

3. Max tries to put a stop to Griff’s plan

At the Peace Market, Maria, Alya, Yasmeen, Daryan, Stu, and Gary get to work erecting the stalls.

While everything is happening, Max discovers the Speed Daal van on Victoria Street and is perplexed because Griff had told him it was at the bottom of the canal.

Max realizes that everyone is in danger when Lauren receives a call from her dad telling her to stay away from the market. Will Max be able to salvage the day by suggesting that they phone the police to alert them?

4. Spider recovers in hospital

When Spider is brought to the hospital and is forced to have surgery after his attack, his future is uncertain.

Fortunately, the procedure is successful, and Spider recovers. Toyah pledges that she will adjust to living with the risks of his job once he regains consciousness since she can’t live without him.

5. Roy is alone in the woods

Roy admits to Evelyn and Brian that he has been studying covertly for his Volunteer Bat Roost Qualification (VBRV) for the past two years.

After giving Evelyn a ride home, Roy makes plans to meet Nina, Brian, and Asha in the woods for a bat group gathering. However, Brian and Nina have no method of getting in touch with Roy to advise him that the meeting has been canceled when they receive a message to that effect.

In the meantime, Roy goes alone into the woods and unintentionally throws his thermos into the water.

6. Nina falls in the river

In quest of Roy, Nina, Brian, and Asha make their way to the woods. They locate his vehicle, but Nina gets concerned when she sees Roy’s thermos in the river and he isn’t there.

Nina trips and falls into the river as she makes her way down the riverside to look into the matter more.

While Asha shouts for help, Brian leaps into action and carries Nina’s lifeless corpse out of the water.

7. Roy realises he placed Nina in danger

Nina is treated in a hospital, but she fully recovers. Roy is appalled, though, and feels responsible for putting Nina’s life in peril.

Roy had been under Nina’s pressure to adopt modern technology, and Sam helps Roy see that she has a point; as a result, Roy purchases a smartphone.

Roy feels stunned after receiving a crash tutorial in operating his new phone from Asha and Nina.

8. Stephen lies his way out of trouble

Stephen is relieved to see £10,000 in his bank account, and when Jenny says Teddy’s condition has deteriorated at the hospital, Stephen takes the chance to embellish what actually transpired.

He implies that Teddy told him before the disaster that Leo had made it obvious he didn’t want to see any of them again after seeing them in Canada.

9. Teddy recovers in hospital

When Stephen and Jenny visit Teddy in the hospital, they are shocked to see Teddy open his eyes and come to.

Teddy’s condition is getting better, but he doesn’t remember much of what happened before the accident, especially what he actually learned about Leo.

Stephen is secretly terrified but has to hold back when Jenny offers that Teddy move in to recover.

10. Gemma makes wedding plans

When Gemma tells Bernie she wants to get married, Bernie advises her to take responsibility and start planning her special day.

Chesney hurts Gemma by admitting that even if they had the money, he wouldn’t spend it on a wedding despite Bernie’s assurances that he will be overjoyed by the news.

Later, Dev offers Chesney some thought-provoking material. Chesney promises Gemma that they can save money to pay for her fantasy wedding when he arrives home with an empty chili sauce tub.

11. Gemma and Bernie stage a protest

When Gemma finds out that Joseph was in trouble at school for using sign language, she becomes worried. She decides to take Bernie with her to see Joseph’s teacher, Mrs. York.

When Mrs. York dismisses Joseph’s BSL abilities, the two are incensed. They decide to conduct a sit-in protest in the classroom and demand that the school teach BSL to all students.

Michael, who had merely gone to the school to talk about Glory’s start date for nursery, also finds himself locked up as a result of his protest, so they are not the only ones.

When Gemma makes the decision to live stream her protest, it doesn’t take long for word to spread for the locals to start tuning in. Mrs. York locks the classroom door and tells the students they can stay there all night because she won’t back down.

12. Summer and Aaron reunite

Billy tells Summer to go to Amy’s birthday party and mentions that she couldn’t avoid Aaron indefinitely in the hopes that they may work out their issues.

Billy then confesses to Paul his hope that Aaron may be able to persuade Summer to change her mind about her present surrogacy intentions.

When Summer confesses that she and Aaron have reconciled and that Aaron completely supports the surrogacy, Billy’s scheme goes awry.

13. Todd is suspicious of Mike and Esther

When bailiffs show up at Mike and Esther’s home and begin collecting their belongings, Summer is stunned. Summer wants an explanation when the pair gets home.

Later, Billy informs Summer that he is ready to support her and offers to go with her, along with Mike and Esther, to the consultation with the surrogacy expert.

Todd tells Paul that he has doubts about Mike and Esther and is convinced that things aren’t exactly as they seem. He decides to conduct some research to learn the truth.

14. Damon makes Jacob an offer he can’t refuse

At the Bistro, Damon offers Jacob a full-time position, paying him twice as much as he does at the factory. Jacob enthusiastically hands Carla his notice, but she corrects him right away by telling him that he’s doing it wrong.

If Nick tries to oppose to Jacob’s new role, Damon threatens to tell Leanne the truth about Harvey’s money.

As soon as Damon tells Jacob to deliver a parcel, it is obvious that the promise was unreal. Jacob is sorry about the choice he made after realizing Damon had hidden agendas all along.

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