13 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

David finds Leyla using cocaine on Emmerdale the following week and threatens to tell Liam.

While watching Thomas, Amelia becomes ill and accidentally drops him, and Marlon becomes anxious as Rhona plans an engagement party.

Here is a complete list of the 13 important events that will soon occur.

1. Leyla flashes the cash

After David criticizes Leyla of failing to be there for Jacob, Leyla overcompensates in front of him and flashes the money, offering to pay Jacob’s housing costs at the university.

Leyla later regrets her coke-induced generosity, though.

2. David catches out Leyla

Leyla finds it difficult to deal with Kim and Vanessa’s constant queries at work. Later, Kim rushes out and fires her as her wedding coordinator.

Stressed out, Leyla gets about to take a line of coke, when David enters and surprises her.

Leyla tries to offer justifications, but David is enraged and threatens to tell Liam unless she gets her act together.

3. Leyla begs David to stay silent

Leyla cries out to David to keep Liam in the dark about her drug use.

Later, when David texts Liam to schedule a meeting, Leyla rushes to assure David that she has quit using cocaine and minimizes her addiction. Will this, however, be sufficient to keep David quiet?

4. Dan learns Amelia’s seeing someone

Dan finds out via Lydia that Amelia is seeing someone, and he then interrogates an appalled Amelia about her romantic relationships.

Amelia, who had been happy to see Noah in prison again, visits him there in the meantime. Her vision fades, though, making it obvious that something is amiss with her.

5. Amelia’s health puts Thomas in danger

Amelia accepts to watch Gabby’s children once more in exchange for another prison visiting order from Home Farm. Amelia soon experiences another episode of dizziness and collapses, dropping Thomas.

Amelia makes up the story that Thomas fell from his high chair when Harriet gets there, prompting her to bring him to the hospital.

However, everyone turns against Amelia after Lucas says he saw her dump Thomas afterwards.

6. Amelia makes an admission

Amelia is compelled to tell Dan that she has been taking a weight-gain syrup she acquired online while she was feeling insecure about her appearance and that she has been feeling ill.

Dan sobs in privacy while Amelia consents to go to the hospital for an examination.

Gabby’s resentment at Amelia, though, is still present at Home Farm, especially after a Social Services visit.

7. Marlon is nervous about a party

When Rhona tentatively suggests—and Marlon eventually agrees—to an engagement party at The Woolpack, she makes him uncomfortable.

Paddy offers him encouragement, but he is anxious and overwhelmed about going back to the bar.

It’s a joyful scenario when Marlon proclaims his love for Rhona during the celebration, but Marlon is actually having a hard time.

8. Laurel receives a shock

Laurel makes an effort to calm Matty down as he is still in shock over the disclosures regarding Suzy and Holly.

But Matty’s revelation that Suzy truly owned the pills that caused Laurel and Jai to break up surprises her.

Will the information regarding the drugs genuinely affect Laurel and Jai when they later on in the week flirt and kiss?

9. Charles hides his upset

Naomi, Charles’s estranged daughter, made it obvious that she didn’t want anything to do with him, but the next week, when he finds out that Ethan and Naomi have been in contact, he tries to disguise his anger.

Charles secretly wishes he might connect with his daughter someday.

10. Faith embraces life

Faith quickly convinces Sarah to join her in her quest to live the remainder of her days as she pleases in order to pass away without having any regrets.

Sarah understands how Faith feels due to her own health issues and supports Faith’s unconventional plans.

11. Nicola worries

Nicola decided to upload the footage online in the hopes that the attackers would be found because she was still having trouble adjusting to her attack.

She feels even worse when she learns that a girl was attacked the following week and believes that her social media post was to blame.

12. Suzy waits for Vanessa

Vanessa broke things off with Suzy because she couldn’t be trusted after learning about her drug use in the past and her relationship with Holly.

Suzy, however, waits for Vanessa at home in the hopes that they may work things out.

Suzy is waiting for Vanessa when she returns home after drowning her sorrows; she is apologetic and yearning for Vanessa’s forgiveness.

Can they resolve the situation? Will Vanessa be able to see through Suzy’s deceptions?

13. Mandy questions Sandra

Sandra sees an opportunity to earn extra money now that she is employed at the salon, so she stealthily accepts a £10 tip.

However, when Mandy notices that it’s gone and confronts Sandra, Sandra realizes that she needs to be much more watchful, especially with Mandy.

Will Mandy ever go back and regret hiring Sandra?

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