13 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Eliza will be knocked down after a fight with Stu on Coronation Street the following week, and Aadi’s relationship with Courtney will be made public.

Paul’s condition worsens as a result of the fall.

Here are 13 major events that have been on our televisions recently.

1 Eliza falls to the ground.

Eliza is upset when Dom doesn’t show up for their meeting, so Stu suggests a trip to see her mother to cheer her up.

Eliza’s lack of interest in the visit makes Stu angry, and he says that Dom repeatedly disappointing Eliza is evidence that he doesn’t care.

Eliza storms off… directly into the path of an approaching car, incensed by Stu’s charge against her father. After hitting Eliza, the motorist speeds off, and Stu dials 911.

2 Eliza’s selection has devastated Stu.

Despite being brought to the hospital, Eliza is not seriously hurt. Dom is summoned by Stu and shows up with a present for Eliza.

Eliza informs Stu that she wants him to leave, and Stu is devastated as Stu and Dom butt heads.

Alya, to whom Stu confides, affirms that Eliza will ultimately come around. Eliza, however, makes it known that she wants to live with Dom when he returns to the hospital, leaving both Stu and Dom stunned by the announcement.

3 Eliza engages in runner

When Eliza’s school calls him to let him know that she missed class, Stu becomes worried. Stu speculates that Dom has abducted her after supposing she departed for school earlier that morning.

Dom is confronted by Stu, but Eliza makes it obvious that she went to Dom’s on her own initiative and isn’t going back home.

4 Stu has been detained for assault.

Stu goes back with a social worker and a police officer to speak with Eliza because he doesn’t want to lose her to Dom.

After consulting with Eliza, the social worker advises Stu that it might be best to let Eliza stay with Dom for the time being, but the news incenses Stu.

Accidentally hitting the policeman as he tries to remove Stu from the scene, Stu is taken into custody for assault.

When the social worker visits him again and informs him that Eliza still wants to stay at Dom’s, things for Stu quickly grow worse.

5 When it comes to Aadi and Amy, Dev makes a mistaken assumption.

Darren invites Aadi to join him for lunch to celebrate the Freshco deal’s success and offers that Amy join them, but the two try to find an explanation.

Later, when Dev talks about Aadi and Amy as a pair, Aadi assures him that he has the wrong end of the stick and pretends to be seeing someone else.

6 Dev surprises Aadi and Courtney.

Dev is taken aback when Darren opens up to him about his marital issues and his belief that Courtney is having an affair.

Amy, who is listening in on the chat covertly, alerts Aadi that Darren is on to him.

Over lunch, Dev informs everyone that Aadi has a new girlfriend, and Aadi praises her while everyone is oblivious to the fact that he is praising Courtney.

When no one is looking, Aadi and Courtney share a private kiss, but when Dev enters, he is horrified to see Aadi with his boss’s wife.

7 Move-in of Courtney

Following the meal, Courtney settled in at Number 7. Courtney declares that she plans to properly pursue her connection with Aadi while Dev and Asha worry about how long she intends to stay.

Dev promises Darren that he’ll speak to Aadi in the meantime in an effort to diffuse the situation and rescue the Freshco agreement.

8 Billy is concerned Paul is lying.

Billy jokes about when Paul receives a letter proposing a consultation with the palliative nurse and expresses discomfort about it.

Paul’s situation dramatically worsens when he meets up with his friend Shelly, giving him a reality check.

Later, when he is unable to walk, Paul encounters his own issues. Billy’s attempt to convince Paul to use his wheelchair is unsuccessful since Paul rejects the idea.

9 Paul tricks Bernie.

Paul becomes concerned when he sees that Bernie has a new tablet, and after looking into it more, he discovers Bernie going through items that are addressed to Shelly.

Bernie admits that she has been purchasing and then selling the items listed on Shelly’s business card in order to pay for all the care and supplies Paul will need.

Although Bernie has genuine intentions, Paul recognizes this and won’t allow her to continue the fraud. In an effort to finish things, he walks to Shelly’s but trips and falls. Paul cries out for assistance after failing to stand up again.

10 Relationship issues plague Dee-Dee.

Under the guise of seeking her opinion on US law, Joel approaches Dee-Dee and asks her out. However, Joel is let down when Dee-Dee misinterprets his intentions and makes it obvious that she does not view the situation as a date.

The moment Joel asks Dee-Dee out on a date, he admits to her that he had been using his legal counsel as a pretext for his time with her. Although she appears preoccupied throughout the following few nights, Dee-Dee is ecstatic.

Adam decides to act as a matchmaker after seeing that Dee-Dee is sabotaging her chances of getting Joel so she may keep him company.

11 conflict over Cassie between Tyrone and Evelyn

Tyrone is warned by Evelyn that if he doesn’t inform Fiz about Cassie’s latest relapse, she will.

As friction between the two grows, Evelyn moves into the café apartment, and Roy rapidly realizes that cohabitating with Evelyn may be more challenging than he had expected.

12 Ed is a concern for Ronnie.

When Ed is late to a supper at Speed Daal with Ronnie and Debbie, there are concerns that his gambling addiction has taken control of him.

Just as Ronnie and Ed are celebrating their achievement in purchasing Newton & Ridley shares, there are now worries.

13 Finding a place to reside is Lauren’s main goal.

David issues a warning to Max to steer clear of the disturbed kid in light of the information that Lauren destroyed the salon in a fit of rage.

Roy reaches out to Lauren in the meanwhile and advises doing so to get in touch with social services to assist her in finding housing. Though thankful, Lauren tells him that she will locate a location on her own.

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