12 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Suzy’s secret is in danger on Emmerdale the next week when Vanessa learns the truth.

Billy is worried about Dawn’s most recent dramatic action somewhere.

The complete list of 12 major events is provided below.

1. Suzy slips up in front of Moira

Suzy is prepared for the Take A Vow showcase but is not aware that Holly Barton will be featured in her planned slideshow.

Moira recognizes the dress Holly was wearing on the day she passed away when the photo pops up.

Suzy is pressed for an explanation by Moira, but she is still unable to be open about her relationship with Holly and chooses to hide her tracks by lying.

2.Suzy’s confession leaves Vanessa with a dilemma

Vanessa is observing the uncomfortable scene and is aware that Suzy hasn’t been completely honest about Holly.

She presses Suzy for the full account and is horrified to learn what actually transpired on the day Holly passed away.

Suzy implores Vanessa to keep her secret private. Vanessa must choose where her allegiances lay as she struggles to balance her friendship with Moira with her romance with Suzy.

3. Sandra’s past comes back to haunt her

Sandra, Liv’s mother, confesses that she owes Terry £4,000 after arriving in the area.

There is a feeling that Liv’s rebellious mother is not being completely honest about something when she admits that she is in trouble and that Terry has been taking advantage of her.

Later, Terry shows up at Liv’s house and irately demands Sandra pay him. Liv makes the decision to step in and make the payment herself.

4. Sandra is given a new opportunity

Liv decides to assist Sandra in finding employment and persuades Mandy to give her a job at the salon.

When Bernice learns that Sandra will be following her, she is not happy, but how will the newcomer’s first day go?

5. Dawn gets a shock after her friend’s funeral

Dawn is saddened to learn that Beth, her best friend, overdosed on drugs and her away. She visits the funeral and reconnects with Jade, another old acquaintance.

After the service, Jade convinces Dawn to return to her home.

Dawn notices a young youngster at the residence named Clemmie as Jade begins to consume drugs. Clemmie is Beth’s daughter, according to Jade, and she is unaware that her mother has passed away.

6. Dawn makes a drastic decision

Dawn realizes that the residence isn’t a safe place for Clemmie to be when a perilous man shows up. Billy is really worried when she returns Clemmie to the community.

Dawn resists Billy’s advice to seek help from social services through the proper channels.

Billy is eventually persuaded by Dawn to allow Clemmie to spend one night with them.

7. Nicola confides in Jimmy

Nicola decides it’s time to tell Jimmy how much the recent incident has impacted her mental health when he gets back home.

Nicola’s confession surprises Jimmy, but when he pledges to support her, she feels stronger because of it.

8. Nicola steps up her fight for justice

Nicola makes the decision to share the video of her attack online and appeal for information on the perpetrators.

Jimmy wants to encourage Nicola’s choice, while Bernice is concerned that it might worsen the situation.

Soon after, Nicola receives the identity of one of the assailants, and she informs PC Swirling by calling him.

9. Amelia’s interest in Noah sparks concern

When Noah sends her a visiting order, Gabby is appalled and throws it away.

In order to visit Noah herself, Amelia gets the visiting order and borrows Gabby’s ID.

When Amelia shows up to visit Noah in jail, Noah is astonished.

Amelia confides in Lydia about her problems with boys later in the week. She is made to understand that she deserves better than Noah by Lydia.

10. Marlon plans the wedding

Marlon and Priya become close because of their same challenges. As he achieves a new milestone, his healing also advances.

Later, Marlon asks Paddy to be his best man as his thoughts drift to the impending wedding.

11. Laurel hopes to see Kit

Laurel is obviously attracted to Kit, and she eagerly awaits the opportunity to meet him once more.

Kit’s arrival time for a visit with Marlon is revealed by Rhona, and Laurel is determined to make sure that Kit and Marlon run into each other.

12. Matty regrets the past

After seeing the picture of Holly at the showcase, Matty considers the past.

Matty suffers with the fact that he was absent when Holly passed away.

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