11 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Amelia is exposed for impersonating Gabby in the upcoming episode of Emmerdale, and Noah is let out of jail.

Sandra defrauds Rishi elsewhere when he has money.

Here is a complete list of the upcoming 11 major events.

1. Dan confronts Kim about the eviction

Dan, who is still in shock over the eviction notice, presses Kim for information regarding the “To Let” sign outside his home.

Kim pretends to be in control of the situation while actually being confused in the background.

Later, she lashes out at Gabby for failing to inform her and asserts that Dan and Amelia are entitled to two months’ notice.

2. Amelia is caught out

When Kim confronts Amelia about trying to steal a fresh visitation order intended for Gabby for Noah, Amelia’s falsehoods fall apart.

Dan is shocked to learn that Amelia has been impersonating Gabby so she can visit Noah in jail from Kim and Gabby, but he receives some good news when Harriet offers them to move into her home.

3. Noah is released from prison

When Charity learns that Amelia has been visiting Noah in jail, she is equally as surprised and wonders why.

When she finds out that Noah will be released in just a few days, she is then in for an even bigger shock. But as soon as Noah gets home, he

completely ignores Charity.

4. Mandy is suspicious of Sandra

Mandy is keeping a close eye on Sandra because she thinks the tip jar has money missing, and she has spoken to Liv about her worries.

Sandra puts on a convincing act when she places Rishi’s tip in the jar because she is aware Mandy is watching her. Mandy, however, is not content and installs CCTV to finally put an end to the money problems.

5. Sandra cons Rishi

Sandra comes up with a plan as soon as she learns about Rishi’s unexpected windfall and sets up a fake dating profile to entice him.

When she cancels their date, Rishi is disappointed despite being thrilled to have received a response so quickly on the dating app.

Devious Instead, Sandra, who is dressed to the nines, flies in and offers him her company.

The two eventually end up in bed together.

6. Rishi is embarrassed

Sandra mercilessly preys on Rishi’s vulnerabilities the following morning as he worries about how it would appear that they slept together on a first date.

Sandra is able to manipulate Rishi and make him feel bad, and as an act of contrition, Rishi gives Sandra an envelope containing money.

When Sandra discovers the CCTV camera in the salon, she loses her composure as Rishi wallows and drowns his emotions.

7. Al and Chas arrange another hook-up

When Chas receives a text from Al letting her know he’s back in the village, she jumps for joy. However, things quickly turn awkward when Kerry shows up and wants to spend time with him.

Chas and Al continue to keep Kerry and Paddy in the dark as they arrange to meet later at a hotel.

8. Kerry confronts Al

Kerry dresses up and waits at the hotel reception when Chloe, who got the short end of the stick, overhears Al booking the hotel.

Chas and Al enjoy their affair’s exhilaration upstairs. Later, when Al notices Kerry in the lobby, he immediately escorts Chas out of there.

When the hotel receptionist informs Kerry that Al Chapman is not scheduled to stay there, she becomes suspicious and later confronts him in the village. Will she figure out what he’s been doing?

9. Laurel’s love life makes Gabby think

Jai is finding it challenging to watch as Laurel falls in love with the newcomer Kit. However, it forced Gabby to consider her own life.

Since Laurel was able to find new love, Gabby acknowledges that she has been considering doing the same.

10. Kim chooses a new wedding planner

Kim surprises Lydia by saying that she will be her new wedding planner after firing Leyla.

Lydia tries not to let the tension get to her and resolves to organize an amazing day for Kim even as she juggles Kim’s requests on the phone with a day’s work at the café.

11. Paddy has a plan to ease Vanessa’s pain

Paddy senses Vanessa’s sadness as she tries to hide her sorrow at her and Suzy’s breakup.

In a private conversation with Moira, he implies that their romance would survive if she allowed Vanessa to get back together with Suzy. But will Paddy’s scheme be successful if Moira concurs?

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