10 soap spoilers this week: Emmerdale Faith dead, EastEnders deadly debut, Coronation Street blast from the past, Hollyoaks night out trauma

Grab some tears and get ready for a tearful week in soap land as we bid a last farewell to a true legend.

Immediately after spending time at the “seaside” with her loved ones on a wonderfully perfect day, Faith Dingle of Emmerdale passes away in devastating scenes.

In what turns out to be an extremely enthralling week for the ITV serial, expect tears and despair.

In Coronation Street, Harvey Gaskell’s outreach from jail gives Leanne Battersby the worst shock imaginable, while Sally Metcalfe is horrified by a discovery.

But what exactly does he desire?

Alfie Moon’s great secret is revealed on EastEnders as he prepares to wed, but to whom? While Eric Foster terrorizes Maxine Minniver on Hollyoaks once again after a night out ends in tragedy.

Continue reading to learn all of this and more.

Stu makes a discovery in Coronation Street

Yasmeen and Stu are having brunch with Bridget and Eliza. Bridget finds Eliza’s inquiry about prison life to be too much and rushes outside to the garden in tears. Following her outside, Stu tries to console her by venting his frustration at being imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. However, he is taken aback when Bridget makes a startling confession.

Alfie introduces his new fiancée in EastEnders

When a woman walks into the pub to remind him that he is getting married, Alfie makes a great gesture to win back Kat, but he quickly has other things on his mind. Informing Kat that Megan is not his fiancée, Alfie offers to take her to meet his actual fiancée.

Faith’s perfect day in Emmerdale

Faith had planned a day at the beach for the family, but when Faith’s health deteriorates, Cain comes up with a clever idea to bring the beach to her. Faith is ecstatic as she takes it all in and enjoys seeing her family have a great time.

Faith is delighted when Diane unexpectedly shows up. When Cain asks his mother to dance, they share a touching moment. Holding a photo of her family dear to her heart, Faith is ecstatic with how her ideal day turned out.

Maxine’s night out ends in horror in Hollyoaks

On a date with Maxine, Eric struggles to control his strong ideas, and when she recommends that they stay friends, he responds by biting back. After accusing Eric of sending her a horrifying message, Maxine is ashamed and decides to drown her sorrows. However, on the way home, she slips and drifts in and out of consciousness, attracting the notice of a passing stranger.

She discovers a horrible slur scribbled in lipstick on her forehead as she wakes up and immediately begins to worry.

Leanne and Nick receive a shock blast from the past in Coronation Street

Leanne is horrified when Nick reveals to her that they both received requests from Harvey Gaskell for jail visits in the mail. They consent to stay silent, and Nick rips them apart. Leanne, on the other hand, starts to doubt herself and tells Nick that she won’t be able to unwind until she learns what Harvey wants.

Suki and Eve kiss in EastEnders

Suki meets with Harpeet for business, and when he inquires about working with Ranveer, she becomes overwhelmed. When Eve sees Suki in distress, she quickly leaves to console her. Suki then gains confidence and seduces Harpeet into doing business with her. Then a passionate moment between Eve and Suki ends in a kiss. The couple will succumb to temptation in the scenes that follow at their house.

Faith dies in Emmerdale

Before leaving her loved ones in the dark, Faith goes to her bedroom, where she plans to commit suicide by herself. Faith is getting closer to passing away as Cain, realizing what Faith has done, tries to keep her comfortable. He soon learns with great sadness that his mother has passed away.

Mason makes a shock revelation in Hollyoaks

When Maxine makes a charge, Mason steps up to defend Eric and gives him an excuse. He becomes fixated with the Men’s online forum after that. When Mason has a dramatic outburst, Maxine realizes there is more to the teen’s mood than first appears. She playsfully grabs his phone. Mason takes a decision after that that makes Eric furious.

Sally receives a huge shock in Coronation Street

Aggie feels embarrassed when Sally compliments her necklace without knowing that Tim bought it for her. Tim texts Aggie when he notices that she’s perplexed by his and Sally’s flirty behavior, but he quickly realizes that he actually texted Sally!

Nish makes his Walford debut in EastEnders

When Vinny is informed that Nish will still be leaving prison today, he is astounded. The next scene shows Nish arriving at the Square, which causes him to get anxious.

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