10 soap spoilers this week: EastEnders Phil aftermath, Emmerdale lies exposed, Coronation Street sex shock, Hollyoaks delicious revenge

This week’s stories on our favorite soap operas frequently deal with death, whether through dialogue or violent deeds.

After learning that Warren Fox had a large hand in Brody Hudson’s death, Sienna Blake, a Hollyoaks legend, is once more seeking to kill her boyfriend and has concocted the most sinfully lethal revenge scheme.

How well will she do?

In EastEnders, Phil Mitchell’s resurrection creates quite a commotion, and the consequences of what happened on that fateful day result in a significant showdown between two of Walford’s best.

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While Kelly Neelan in Coronation Street tries to atone for the sins of dead dad Rick, Dawn Taylor in Emmerdale is saddened by the loss of an old friend.

Romance for Kelly and Aadi in Coronation Street?

A quantity of cash spills out of Kelly’s bag as she approaches Aadi as she exits the barbershop. When Aadi sets his sights on the money, he is startled, but Kelly explains that it belonged to her father Rick, and she is attempting to give it back to the individuals he defrauded over the years.

Kelly is appreciative of Aadi’s suggestion to go with her on one of her excursions to repay the money and subsequently agrees to go on a date.

The aftermath of Phil’s return revealed in EastEnders

After the shocking events of the previous night, Sharon visits Kat, but the two find it difficult to maintain goodwill, and tension soon builds.

Suzy caught in Emmerdale?

While giving a presentation at HOP, Suzy and Priya are unaware that a picture of Holly from the day she passed away is included in the slideshow.

Suzy is entrapped as Moira presses for clarification. Vanessa pushes Suzy because she is aware that she has not been completely honest about Holly.

What what transpired the night Holly died is revealed by Suzy.

The two are concerned that Moira has overheard their conversation when she comes, but instead, Moira apologizes for her earlier outburst.

However, Vanessa is unhappy when Suzy uses this opportunity to ask Vanessa to preserve her secret instead of telling Moira the truth.

John Paul relapses in Hollyoaks

After experiencing a relapse, John Paul tells his family about his drinking, but they are not pleased. Later, he drinks in the village while feeling depressed.

Tim stirs down below in Coronation Street

When Tim says he can feel something moving below while Sally and Tim are having fun in the hot tub, Sally thinks it’s the nicest birthday present she could ask for. Has their marriage recovered?

Sam and Zack grow closer in EastEnders

Sam encourages Zack when she notices him feeling sorry for himself about Nancy. Later, they flirt in the pub, but will this signal the start of yet another passionate night?

Dawn’s death discovery in Emmerdale

After a buddy named Beth passes away, Dawn and her friend Jade consider their past. After the burial, the two return to Jade’s, where Dawn discovers a child they later call Clemmie.

Dawn is perplexed and questions a drugged-up Jade, who answers that Clemmie is Beth’s and that she is completely unaware of her mother’s passing.

Sienna’s delicious revenge in Hollyoaks

After baking a batch of lethal cupcakes, Sienna presents the fatal treats to Warren before making a suggestion.

He will either have to face the ultimate price or admit to killing Brody! Will Warren ultimately come clean about what really happened to Brody? Or will he actually die from the sweets that were poisoned?

Audrey is not pleased in Coronation Street

Gail prepares a family meal to welcome Stephen home, but it quickly turns chaotic as David and Sarah get into a verbal altercation about Audrey’s money. Stephen is humiliated as Audrey leaves because she is disgusted with the two of them.

Ben arrested in EastEnders

Ben and Peter’s fighting is driving Kathy crazy, so she plans a games night to honor Rocky’s birthday. However, things between Ben and Peter worsen and a heated argument results.

Ben tells Kathy some distressing things and drops a bombshell, but then events change when Peter calls the police, who show up to arrest Ben!

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